Your Guide to Graduation Services and Degree Clearance

Graduation Services is currently in the process of conducting initial audits for our SUMMER 2015 graduation candidates. 

I am a SUMMER 2015 graduate.  

What can I expect with my SUMMER 2015 initial audit?

Each and every student who applies to graduate, will have his/her file audited at least two times (initial audit and final audit) during the given graduation term by a member of the Graduation Services team.

Initial Status Message:

You will receive an Initial Status Message via your iSpartan email around the mid-point of the term.  Each initial status message will contain your program of study information.   The message will then contain one of two messages:

– Missing Requirements: During the initial audit the following item(s) were found to be deficient and/or needing your attention.  If you need help resolving the item(s) below, please contact your major department and speak with your faculty advisor.

Reviewed:  Based on the initial degree audit, the requirements  for your bachelor’s degree are currently being met.  Provided your successful completion of all the currently enrolled courses, you are on-track to meet the requirements for your degree.

– Pending: Your file has been cleared for graduation.  Your degree will be awarded on the next award date.

Please note: The University awards Baccalaureate Degrees three times per year.  


If you have questions and/or concerns please utilize our website for our FAQ’s.  Our website, while still a work in progress, contains a great deal of information and hopefully the answer to your question.  If after visiting our website, you are still having a problem and/or you are not able to receive an adequate answer, please feel free to contact our office.


What can we assist you with?

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Have a question regarding the University Commencement Ceremonies?  

The University Commencement Ceremonies are managed by a separate division within The University Registrar’s Office.

For more information pertaining to the the University Ceremony, itself, please check out Commencement Central.

Undergraduate Graduation Candidates, who have already applied to graduate, and wish to participate in the University Ceremony, should RSVP.

     Information pertaining to departmental ceremonies should be directed to the Graduation Candidate’s major department. 


–  Baccalaureate degrees are awarded three times per year – May, August and December.  

– Degree candidates will neither earn degrees nor be graduated from the university until they have completed all degree requirements and have officially applied for graduation. Participation in a commencement ceremony does not presume graduation from the university.