GEC Course Summary Table

The courses listed in the following table have been approved by the General Education Council, which is responsible for their oversight. Courses listed below may also carry SI or WI markers for a given semester. See the Course Schedule in UNCGenie for complete General Education core and marker listings.

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CourseTitleGE CoreCARGlobalGlobal/NW
ADS 200African American Art HistoryGFA
ADS 201Introduction to African American StudiesGHPGMO
ADS 210Blacks in American Society: Social, Economic, and Political PerspectivesGSB
ADS 260Understanding RaceGSB
ARH 110Survey of Western Art: Prehistory–RenaissanceGFAGL
ARH 111Survey of Western Art: Renaissance–ContemporaryGFAGL
ARH 112Survey of Non-Western ArtGFAGN
ARH 370African ArtGN
ART 100Introduction to ArtGFA
ART 123Introduction to Visual Art Practices
ASL 204Intermediate American Sign Language IIGFL
AST 203Conceptual AstronomyGPS
AST 209Astronomy: The Solar SystemGNSGPS
AST 235Astronomy: Stars and GalaxiesGNSGPS
ATY 100Contemporary Non-Western CulturesGSBGN
ATY 212Introduction to AnthropologyGSBGN
ATY 213Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyGSBGN
ATY 253Introduction to Biological AnthropologyGNSGLS
ATY 258Introduction to ArchaeologyGSBGN
ATY 308Lost Tribes and Sunken LandsGL
ATY 325Lost Tribes and Sunken LandsGL
ATY 330Cultures of North American IndiansGN
ATY 333Latin American Societies and CulturesGN
ATY 334Latin American Art and ArchaeologyGFAGN
ATY 385Language and CultureGL
BIO 105Major Concepts of BiologyGNSGLS
BIO 111Principles of Biology IGNSGLS
BIO 112Principles of Biology IIGNSGLS
BIO 105LMajor Concepts of Biology LaboratoryGNSGLS
BUS 130Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Global EnvironmentGL
BUS 201Creativity, Innovation, and VisionGSB
BUS 338Global FranchisingGL
CCI 102The Classical Art of PersuasionGRDGL
CCI 201Introduction to Greek CivilizationGHPGPMGL
CCI 202Introduction to Roman CivilizationGHPGPMGL
CCI 205MythologyGLTGL
CCI 207Ancient Sports and SocietyGSBGL
CCI 211Introduction to Greek ArchaeologyGHPGPMGL
CCI 212Introduction to Roman ArchaeologyGHPGPMGL
CCI 227Comparative Studies in World EpicsGLTGL
CCI 228Comparative Studies in World DramaGLTGL
CCI 240Ancient WarfareGHPGPM
CCI 305Classical TragedyGLTGL
CCI 306Classical ComedyGFAGL
CCI 312The Art and Archaeology of EgyptGFAGN
CCI 321The Archaic AgeGPR
CCI 324The Age of CiceroGLTGL
CCI 325The Age of AugustusGLTGL
CCI 326The Age of NeroGLTGL
CCI 330Women in AntiquityGL
CCI 340Ancient CosmologyGPRGL
CCI 350Roman Law and SocietyGL
CED 392Love, Sex, and Relationships: Skills for Building Satisfying, Healthy RelationshipsGSB
CED 393Adult Violence and VictimizationGSB
CHE 101Introductory ChemistryGNSGPS
CHE 103General Descriptive Chemistry IGNSGPS
CHE 104General Descriptive Chemistry IIGNSGPS
CHE 110Introductory Chemistry LaboratoryGNSGPS
CHE 111General Chemistry IGNSGPS
CHE 112General Chemistry I LaboratoryGNSGPS
CHE 114General Chemistry IIGNSGPS
CHE 115General Chemistry II LaboratoryGNSGPS
CHI 101Elementary Chinese IGN
CHI 102Elementary Chinese IIGN
CHI 203Intermediate Chinese IGFLGN
CHI 204Intermediate Chinese IIGFLGN
CHI 210Masterworks of Chinese Literature in TranslationGLTGN
CHI 220Modern Chinese Literature and CultureGLTGN
CHI 301Third-Year Chinese LanguageGN
CHI 302Third-Year Chinese Conversation and CompositionGN
CHI 305Topics in Chinese CultureGN
CHI 313Major Figures in Chinese LiteratureGLTGN
CRS 221Culture, Human Behavior, and ClothingGSBGN
CRS 321Social Psychology of DressGSB
CRS 372Survey of Historic CostumeGHP
CSC 110Computational Problem SolvingGMT
CST 105Introduction to Communication StudiesGRD
CTR 101Leisure and American LifestylesGSB
CTR 201Introduction to Community LeadershipGSB
DCE 101Introduction to DanceGFA
DCE 200Dance AppreciationGFAGL
DCE 205Dance History I: World Dance TraditionsGN
ECO 100Economics of a Global Sustainable SocietyGSBGN
ECO 101Introduction to EconomicsGSB
ECO 201Principles of MicroeconomicsGSB
ECO 202Principles of MacroeconomicsGSB
ECO 300The International EconomyGL
ELC 375Philosophy of EducationGPR
ENG 101College Writing IGRD
ENG 102College Writing IIGRD
ENG 103Essentials of Professional and Business WritingGRD
ENG 104Approach to LiteratureGLT
ENG 105Introduction to NarrativeGLT
ENG 106Introduction to PoetryGLT
ENG 107Introduction to DramaGLT
ENG 108Topics in British and American LiteratureGLT
ENG 109Introduction to ShakespeareGLT
ENG 110World Literature in EnglishGLTGL
ENG 201European Literary Classics: Ancient to RenaissanceGLTGL
ENG 202European Literary Classics: Enlightenment to ModernGLTGL
ENG 204Non-Western Literary ClassicsGLTGN
ENG 205Literature and Social SciencesGLT
ENG 208Topics in Global LiteratureGLTGL
ENG 209Topics in Non-Western LiteratureGLTGN
ENG 210Literature and the ArtsGLT
ENG 211Major British Authors: Medieval to Eighteenth CenturyGLT
ENG 212Major British Authors: Romantic to ModernGLT
ENG 215Literature and FilmGFA
ENG 230Writing for the Workplace and Public AudiencesGRD
ENG 235Special Topics: Speculative FictionGLT
ENG 251Major American Authors: Colonial to RomanticGLT
ENG 252Major American Authors: Realist to ModernGLT
ENG 290The Rhetoric of Social MovementsGL
ENG 304History and Theory of RhetoricGHP
ENG 331Women in LiteratureGLT
ENG 339Shakespeare: Early Plays and SonnetsGLT
ENG 340Shakespeare: Later PlaysGLT
ENG 371Literary Study of the BibleGLTGL
ENT 130Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Global EnvironmentGL
ENT 201Creativity, Innovation, and VisionGSB
ENT 307Global HealthGN
ENT 338Global FranchisingGL
ENT 342International EntrepreneurshipGL
ENT 362Ethical Issues in EntrepreneurshipGPRGN
FMS 115Freshman Seminar in Reasoning and Discourse IGRD
FMS 116Freshman Seminar in Reasoning and Discourse IIGRD
FMS 120Freshman Seminar in LiteratureGLT
FMS 121Freshman Seminar in Literature—Global PerspectivesGLTGL
FMS 122Freshman Seminar in Literature—Global Non-Western PerspectivesGLTGN
FMS 130Freshman Seminar in Fine ArtsGFA
FMS 131Freshman Seminar in Fine Arts—Global PerspectivesGFAGL
FMS 132Freshman Seminar in Fine Arts—Global Non-Western PerspectivesGFAGN
FMS 140Freshman Seminar in Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical PrinciplesGPR
FMS 141Freshman Seminar in Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Principles—Global PerspectivesGPRGL
FMS 142Freshman Seminar in Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Principles—Global Non-Western PerspeGPRGN
FMS 150Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPM
FMS 151Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Premodern—Global PerspectivesGHPGPMGL
FMS 152Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Premodern—Global Non-Western PerspectivesGHPGPMGN
FMS 160Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMO
FMS 161Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Modern—Global PerspectivesGHPGMOGL
FMS 162Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Modern—Global Non-Western PerspectivesGHPGMOGN
FMS 170Freshman Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSB
FMS 171Freshman Seminar in Social and Behavioral Studies—Global PerspectivesGSBGL
FMS 172Freshman Seminar in Social and Behavioral Studies—Global Non-Western PerspectivesGSBGN
FMS 183Freshman Seminar in Physical ScienceGNSGPS
FMS 184Freshman Seminar in Life ScienceGNSGLS
FMS 195Freshman Seminar in MathematicsGMT
FMS 183LFreshman Seminar in Physical Science LaboratoryGNSGPS
FMS 184LFreshman Seminar in Life Science LaboratoryGNSGLS
FRE 101Beginning French IGL
FRE 102Beginning French IIGL
FRE 203Intermediate French IGFLGL
FRE 204Intermediate French IIGFLGL
FRE 222Explorations in French Literature: English VersionsGLTGL
FRE 232Images of France and the Francophone WorldGL
FRE 241Intermediate French: Culture and BusinessGFLGL
FRE 312French Conversation and CultureGL
FRE 315Advanced Grammar and CompositionGL
FRE 341Business FrenchGL
GEO 103Introduction to Earth ScienceGNSGPS
GEO 104World Regional GeographyGSBGL
GEO 105Introduction to Human GeographyGSBGN
GEO 106Geosystems ScienceGNSGPS
GEO 111Physical GeologyGNSGPS
GEO 121Introduction to Geographic Information ScienceGNSGPS
GEO 301Urban Geography: Global PatternsGSBGL
GEO 306World Economic GeographyGSBGL
GEO 311Weather and ClimateGNSGPS
GEO 314Physical Geography: Landscape ProcessesGNSGPS
GEO 315The Geography of World AffairsGSBGN
GEO 333Geography of EuropeGL
GEO 340Geography of East AsiaGN
GEO 344Geography of the United States and CanadaGSB
GEO 106LGeosystems Science LaboratoryGNSGPS
GEO 111LPhysical Geology LaboratoryGNSGPS
GEO 311LClimatology LaboratoryGNSGPS
GEO 314LPhysical Geography LaboratoryGNSGPS
GER 101Beginning German IGL
GER 102Beginning German IIGL
GER 103Intensive Beginning GermanGL
GER 203Intermediate GermanGFLGL
GER 204Intermediate German TopicsGFLGL
GER 216German Civilization: Readings in EnglishGL
GER 217Masterworks of German Literature Read in EnglishGLTGL
GER 218Masterworks of German Literature Read in EnglishGLTGL
GER 221Sagas, Legends, Fairy Tales: Readings in EnglishGLTGL
GER 301German Conversation and Composition: TopicsGL
GER 305German Literature: Advanced Intermediate TopicsGL
GER 306German Culture: Advanced Intermediate TopicsGL
GER 308Topics in Central European Studies to 1918GL
GER 309Topics in Central European Studies since 1918GL
GER 310German Culture: Advanced Intermediate—Topics in German FilmGL
GER 311German Conversation TopicsGL
GER 404German Civilization: Research and/or Internet Projects
GER 491TutorialGL
GER 492TutorialGL
GRK 203Intermediate Ancient Greek IGFL
GRK 204Intermediate Ancient Greek IIGFL
HDF 211Human Development Across the Life SpanGSB
HDF 212Families and Close RelationshipsGSB
HDF 301Development of School-Age ChildrenGSB
HDF 302Infant and Child DevelopmentGSB
HDF 303Adolescent Development: From Puberty to Young AdulthoodGSB
HDF 321Issues in ParentingGSB
HDF 390Families and Children in Global PerspectiveGN
HEA 201Personal HealthGSB
HEA 260Human SexualityGSB
HEA 307Global HealthGN
HIS 203History of Africa to 1870GHPGPMGN
HIS 204History of Africa since 1870GHPGMOGN
HIS 206Topics in Premodern World History IGHPGPMGL
HIS 207Topics in Premodern World History IIGHPGPMGN
HIS 208Topics in Modern World History IGHPGMOGL
HIS 209Topics in Modern World History IIGHPGMOGN
HIS 211The United States: A General Survey to 1865GHPGMO
HIS 212The United States: A General Survey Since 1865GHPGMO
HIS 215The Civilizations of AsiaGHPGPMGN
HIS 216The Civilizations of AsiaGHPGMOGN
HIS 217The World in the Twentieth CenturyGHPGMOGN
HIS 218The World in the Twentieth CenturyGHPGMOGN
HIS 220The Ancient WorldGHPGPM
HIS 221Medieval LegacyGHPGPMGL
HIS 222Europe 1400–1789GHPGPMGL
HIS 223European Revolutions, 1789-1989GHPGMOGL
HIS 239The First America: Latin America, 1492-1830GHPGMOGN
HIS 240(Dis)order and Progress: Latin America since 1810GHPGMOGN
HIS 251The History of Western Science: A SurveyGPM
HIS 252The History of Western Science: A SurveyGMO
HIS 301Race and SlaveryGMO
HIS 302Race and SegregationGMO
HIS 311Darwin and the Theory of EvolutionGMO
HIS 320History of Mexico and Central AmericaGMOGN
HIS 327American Cultural HistoryGMO
HIS 335The American Colonial Period, 1607–1763GMO
HIS 336The Age of the Democratic Revolution, 1764–1789GMO
HIS 345The Unfit: Race Cleansing in the United StatesGMO
HIS 360The Structure of Scientific Change: Topics in the History of ScienceGMO
HIS 369History of SpainGPM
HIS 371Europe since World War IGMO
HIS 373English History to 1660GPM
HIS 374British History 1688–PresentGMO
HIS 381The Near and Middle East since World War IGMO
HSS 101First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPM
HSS 102First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMO
HSS 103First-Year Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPS
HSS 104First-Year Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLS
HSS 105First-Year Seminar in the Fine ArtsGFA
HSS 106First-Year Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPR
HSS 107First-Year Seminar in LiteratureGLT
HSS 108First-Year Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSB
HSS 109First-Year Seminar in Reasoning and DiscourseGRD
HSS 111First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGPM
HSS 112First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGN
HSS 113First-Year Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPSGN
HSS 114First-Year Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLSGN
HSS 115First-Year Seminar in the Fine ArtsGN
HSS 116First-Year Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPRGN
HSS 117First-Year Seminar in LiteratureGN
HSS 118First-Year Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGN
HSS 121First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPMGL
HSS 122First-Year Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGL
HSS 123First-Year Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPSGL
HSS 124First-Year Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLSGL
HSS 125First-Year Seminar in the Fine ArtsGFAGL
HSS 126First-Year Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGL
HSS 127First-Year Seminar in LiteratureGLTGL
HSS 128First-Year Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGL
HSS 138First-Year Seminar in Cultural AnthropologyGSBGN
HSS 201Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPM
HSS 202Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMO
HSS 203Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPS
HSS 204Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLS
HSS 205Seminar in the Fine ArtsGFA
HSS 206Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPR
HSS 207Seminar in LiteratureGLT
HSS 208Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSB
HSS 209Seminar in Reasoning and DiscourseGRD
HSS 211Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGPM
HSS 212Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGN
HSS 213Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPSGN
HSS 214Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLSGN
HSS 215Seminar in the Fine Arts: Global Non-WesternGFAGN
HSS 216Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPRGN
HSS 217Seminar in LiteratureGLTGN
HSS 218Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGN
HSS 221Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPMGL
HSS 222Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGL
HSS 223Seminar in the Physical SciencesGNSGPSGL
HSS 224Seminar in the Life SciencesGNSGLSGL
HSS 225Seminar in the Fine ArtsGFAGL
HSS 226Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPRGL
HSS 227Seminar in LiteratureGLTGL
HSS 228Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGL
IAR 221History and Theory of Design IGFAGL
IAR 222History and Theory of Design IIGFAGL
IAR 321Design Thinking and/or Entrepreneurial ThinkingGL
IAR 499International Field Studies in Interior ArchitectureGL
IGS 200Introduction to International and Global StudiesGN
IGS 213Introduction to Russian StudiesGN
ISC 111Introductory Integrated ScienceGNS
ISC 211Milestones in ScienceGNS
ITA 101Beginning Italian IGL
ITA 102Beginning Italian IIGL
ITA 203Intermediate Italian IGFLGL
ITA 204Intermediate Italian IIGFLGL
JNS 101Elementary JapaneseGN
JNS 102Elementary JapaneseGN
JNS 203Intermediate JapaneseGFLGN
JNS 204Intermediate JapaneseGFLGN
JNS 210Current Topics ConversationGN
JNS 220Modern JapanGN
JNS 230Women in Japanese Literature and FilmGLTGN
JNS 301Advanced Grammar and ConversationGN
JNS 302Third-year Japanese Language Conversation and CompositionGN
JNS 305Topics in Japanese CultureGN
JNS 306Current Issues in JapanGN
KIN 220Lifetime WellnessGNS
KIN 330Critical Analyses for a Physically Active SocietyGSB
LAT 203Intermediate Latin IGFL
LAT 204Intermediate Latin IIGFL
LIS 200Information Use in a Digital WorldGRD
LLC 120Global Crossings: Topics in Images, Media, and TextsGLTGN
LLC 130Global Green: Cultures of Production and/or ConsumptionGLTGN
LLC 250Global Cultures Through Film: Angles of VisionGN
LLC 399Cultural Immersion through Community-Based Service Learning
MAT 112Contemporary Topics in MathematicsGMT
MAT 115College AlgebraGMT
MAT 120Calculus with Business ApplicationsGMT
MAT 150Precalculus IGMT
MAT 151Precalculus IIGMT
MAT 190PrecalculusGMT
MAT 191Calculus IGMT
MGT 301Introduction to International BusinessGL
MST 225Film AppreciationGFA
MST 226Television AppreciationGFA
MST 325Gender and Media CultureGSB
MST 327Non-Western Film: AsianGN
MUP 220Making Music with ComputersGFA
MUS 135Introduction to MusicologyGPRGN
MUS 211Topics in Pop MusicGFA
MUS 214Jazz AppreciationGFA
MUS 223Music and EnvironmentGFA
MUS 231First Nights: Five Performance PremieresGFAGL
MUS 241Music AppreciationGFAGL
MUS 242Music for FilmGFA
MUS 329History of Rock MusicGFA
MUS 331History of Western Music IGPM
MUS 332History of Western Music IIGFAGL
MUS 333History of Western Music IIIGL
MUS 334American MusicGHPGMO
MUS 343Music Cultures of the WorldGPRGN
NTR 213Introductory NutritionGNSGLS
NUR 330Global Perspectives on the Health of WomenGL
NUR 390Culture and Health CareGN
PCS 205Violence in the Modern WorldGL
PCS 212Introduction to Peace and Conflict StudiesGSB
PCS 309Conflict and CultureGN
PHI 111Introduction to PhilosophyGPR
PHI 115Practical ReasoningGRD
PHI 119Introduction to EthicsGPR
PHI 121Contemporary Moral ProblemsGPR
PHI 220Medical EthicsGPR
PHI 222Ethics in the Computer AgeGPR
PHI 251History of Ancient PhilosophyGHPGPMGL
PHI 252History of Modern PhilosophyGHPGMOGL
PHI 310Introduction to Formal LogicGRD
PHI 331Social and Political PhilosophyGPR
PHI 336Philosophy of Crime and PunishmentGPR
PHI 338Ethics and International AffairsGPRGL
PHI 359Philosophy of ReligionGPR
PHI 361Ethical Issues in BusinessGPRGN
PHI 362Ethical Issues in EntrepreneurshipGPRGN
PHY 205Conceptual PhysicsGNSGPS
PHY 211General Physics IGNSGPS
PHY 212General Physics IIGNSGPS
PHY 291General Physics I with CalculusGPS
PHY 292General Physics II with CalculusGPS
PHY 205LConceptual Physics LaboratoryGNSGPS
PHY 211AGeneral Physics IGNSGPS
PHY 212AGeneral Physics IIGNSGPS
POR 101Beginning Portuguese IGL
POR 102Beginning Portuguese IIGL
POR 203Intermediate Portuguese IGFLGL
POR 204Intermediate Portuguese IIGFLGL
POR 222Introduction to Luso-Brazilian LiteratureGLTGN
POR 233Topics in Brazilian Culture and CivilizationGN
PSC 101Politics in a Digital WorldGSB
PSC 105Exploring Political IssuesGPR
PSC 200American PoliticsGSB
PSC 210Introduction to Public PolicyGSB
PSC 240The International SystemGSBGL
PSC 260Introduction to Comparative PoliticsGSBGL
PSC 270Introduction to Political TheoryGPR
PSC 290The Politics of the Non-Western WorldGN
PSC 344Politics of GlobalizationGL
PSC 349Human Rights and the Global CitizenGL
PSC 391African Political SystemsGN
PSY 121General PsychologyGSB
PSY 230Biological PsychologyGNSGLS
PSY 250Developmental PsychologyGSB
PSY 260Psychological Perspectives on Social PsychologyGSB
PSY 318Belief in "Weird" ThingsGRD
PSY 341Abnormal PsychologyGSB
PSY 380Psychology and the LawGPR
RCO 101College Writing IGRD
RCO 102College Writing IIGRD
RCO 112Contemporary Topics in MathematicsGMT
RCO 114Elementary Introduction to Probability and StatisticsGMT
RCO 115College AlgebraGMT
RCO 120Residential College Seminar in Language and CultureGL
RCO 155Residential College Seminar in the Art of DiscourseGRD
RCO 201Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPM
RCO 202Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMO
RCO 203Residential College Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPR
RCO 204Residential College Seminar in Literature and RhetoricGLT
RCO 205Residential College Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSB
RCO 206Residential College Studies in the ArtsGFA
RCO 211Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPMGN
RCO 212Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGN
RCO 213Residential College Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPRGN
RCO 214Residential College Seminar in Literature and RhetoricGLTGN
RCO 215Residential College Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGN
RCO 221Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernGHPGPMGL
RCO 222Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: ModernGHPGMOGL
RCO 223Residential College Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesGPRGL
RCO 224Residential College Seminar in Literature and RhetoricGLTGL
RCO 225Residential College Seminar in Social and Behavioral StudiesGSBGL
RCO 226Residential College Seminar in Fine ArtsGFAGL
RCO 236Residential College Seminar in Non-Western Fine ArtsGFA
RCO 239Non-Western Fine Arts SeminarGN
RCO 252Introductory Concepts in BiologyGNSGLS
RCO 253Ashby Residential College Seminar in Life SciencesGNSGLS
RCO 254Ashby Residential College Seminar in Physical ScienceGNSGPS
RCO 255Introductory Concepts in Earth ScienceGNSGPS
RCO 273General PsychologyGSB
RCO 306Music in ContextGFAGL
REL 101Introduction to World ReligionsGL
REL 101Introduction to Religious StudiesGPR
REL 104Religion, Ritual, and the ArtsGPR
REL 109Religion and Contemporary CultureGPR
REL 111Introduction to Asian ReligionGPR
REL 201The Bible in Western CultureGPR
REL 202Hebrew BibleGHPGPM
REL 204New Testament and the Origins of ChristianityGHPGPMGL
REL 207Modern Problems of BeliefGPR
REL 209Elements of Christian ThoughtGL
REL 209Elements of Christian ThoughtGPR
REL 210Christianity to the ReformationGHPGPMGL
REL 212Christianity from the Reformation to the PresentGHPGMOGL
REL 217The SynagogueGPM
REL 218Chinese ReligionGPRGN
REL 220Japanese ReligionGPRGN
REL 221BuddhismGPRGN
REL 223HinduismGPRGN
REL 226Approaches to the Qur'anGPRGN
REL 229Introduction to African American ReligionsGHPGMO
REL 231Religion in AmericaGHPGMO
REL 240Modern JudaismGHPGMOGL
REL 248Comparative Religious EthicsGPRGN
REL 250Religious Traditions and Care of the EarthGN
REL 254Religion in Traditional SocietiesGN
RUS 101Elementary Russian IGN
RUS 102Elementary Russian IIGN
RUS 201Russian Literature in TranslationGLTGN
RUS 203Intermediate RussianGFLGN
RUS 204Intermediate RussianGFLGN
RUS 301Conversation, Composition, and Grammar TopicsGN
RUS 306Slavic Life and Letters: TopicsGN
RUS 313Major Authors in Russian LiteratureGLTGN
RUS 314Major Movements in Russian Literature and CultureGLTGN
SES 204American Sign Language IVGFL
SES 240Communication Development in ChildrenGSB
SES 242Introduction to Exceptional Children: Early YearsGSB
SES 252Survey of Learning and Behavior DifferencesGSB
SOC 101Introduction to SociologyGSB
SOC 202Social Problems in Global ContextGSBGL
SOC 222Sociology of Deviant BehaviorGSB
SOC 300Post Soviet SocietiesGN
SOC 323Global DevianceGL
SOC 327Race and Ethnic RelationsGSB
SOC 344Global SocietyGL
SPA 101Beginning Spanish IGL
SPA 102Beginning Spanish IIGL
SPA 203Intermediate Spanish IGFLGL
SPA 204Intermediate Spanish IIGFLGL
SPA 222Hispanic Masterpieces in English TranslationGLTGL
SPA 233Hispanic Cultures and CivilizationsGL
SPA 240Intermediate Spanish I for BusinessGFLGL
SPA 241Intermediate Spanish II for BusinessGFLGL
SPA 301Advanced SpanishGL
SPA 302Advanced Spanish for Heritage SpeakersGL
SPA 311Spanish ConversationGL
SPA 315Intermediate Spanish CompositionGL
SPA 321Spanish in a Public School SettingGL
SPA 332Introduction to Spanish CultureGL
SPA 334Introduction to Spanish American CultureGL
SPA 341Business SpanishGL
SPA 351Approaches to Hispanic LiteratureGL
SPA 411Advanced Spanish ConversationGL
SPA 415Advanced Spanish CompositionGL
STA 108Elementary Introduction to Probability and StatisticsGMT
STH 251Multicultural Issues in Hospitality and TourismGL
STH 338Global FranchisingGL
THR 100Drama AppreciationGFA
THR 110Designing Weddings and Other CeremoniesGFAGN
THR 130Fundamentals of ActingGFA
THR 506Non-Western Theatre and/or FilmGN
WCV 101Western CivilizationGPM
WCV 102Western CivilizationGMO
WGS 150Gender, Race, and SexualityGRD
WGS 250An Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesGSB
WGS 333Gendered WorldsGHPGMOGN
WGS 350Introduction to Feminist TheoriesGPR