The Commencement Committee of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro supports the wearing of medals, medallions, stoles, and honor cords at commencement ceremonies by students representing recognized academic honors, honors programs, and honor societies; students with an international affiliation; members of UNCG-recognized Greek letter societies; NCAA-affiliated student athletes; military and veteran students; and students with service recognized by the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning. Sashes will be worn by non-graduating University Marshals assisting with the commencement ceremony. Some academic honor societies order through their chapters; otherwise, academic regalia and accessories should be ordered through the University Bookstore.

Accessories Guidelines:

  • Gold cords are reserved for graduation honors (assessed by the University Registrar’s Office).
  • Other cord colors are available for other honorary societies.
  • Sashes and stoles are designated for international students, athletes, service and service/academic organizations, Greek organizations, etc.

If your planned use of an accessory falls outside of the guidelines above, contact your organization’s advisor or sponsor who will complete the Academic Accessory Request for UNCG affiliated Student Organizations

The deadline to request a new accessory for the May ceremony is April 1.

The deadline to request a new accessory for the December ceremony is November 1.