Diploma Information

Diplomas show the official name of the degree awarded. See the Undergraduate Bulletin for authorized baccalaureate degrees and The Graduate Bulletin for authorized graduate-level degrees and certificates.  Majors, concentrations, and minors are not printed on the undergraduate diploma, in accordance with University policy; this information does appear on the student’s official academic transcript. The University Registrar’s Office has contracted a 3rd party vendor to print, package and ship any diploma awarded to the recipient of a baccalaureate and/or graduate level degree. The cost of the original diploma is covered by the graduation fee. Note that the undergraduate diploma measures 8.5 x 11, while the graduate diploma is 11 x 14. 

Duplicate/Replacement Requests

Have you lost your original diploma or do you need a duplicate diploma issued for employment purposes? Replacement and/or duplicate baccalaureate diplomas may be ordered from Graduation Services.  Replacement diplomas for master’s, specialist, and doctoral degrees ($60) may be ordered from The Graduate School
To place an order, please fill out the following pdf file:
The cost is $50 and payment can be made payable in-person or by mail via check or money order made payable to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
The diploma will be mailed within 4-6 weeks of receipt of payment.
UNCG does not keep a copy of the student’s original diploma, nor can a copy be produced.

Notarized Requests

Notary services for UNCG diplomas (and transcripts) can usually be provided upon request during business hours.  To ensure the office is staffed with the appropriate officials, the service should be requested at the time the replacement/duplicate diploma and/or transcript is made. For more information about notary, apostille, and true-copy authentication documents, please visit the following websites:

Diploma Frequently Asked Questions

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I moved and have changed my address via UNCGenie. My diploma mailing address will change automatically, right?
I graduated in August and it is November 1st. I have not received my diploma. What should I do?
I received my diploma and it does not contain my major/concentration. Why is this?