Regalia for Undergraduates and Graduates

Undergraduate and Masters regalia purchases or orders may be made at the Bookstore in the EUC or online via The cost of regalia is as follows:

  • Undergraduate (cap, gown, tassel): $64.98 plus tax
  • Honor Cords: $14.98 plus tax
  • Souvenir Tassel: $8.98 plus tax
  • Souvenir Keychain: $6.98 plus tax
  • Masters (cap, gown, tassel): $68.98 plus tax
  • Doctoral rental gown: $81.98 plus tax
  • Doctoral custom purchase gown: $817.00 plus tax
  • Doctoral hood (purchase only): $155.00 plus tax
  • Doctoral tam (purchase only): $80.00 plus tax
  • Faculty Rental: $81.98 plus tax

Doctoral students must come into the UNCG Bookstore or call 336-334-3176.

Honor Cords for Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Graduation with Latin honors is based on all courses (including the last semester’s work) for which grades and grade points are given.  Any student seeking a bachelor’s degree who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 4.00 and who have successfully completed 45 semester hours in residence at UNCG by the end of their senior year is eligible to wear* a gold honor cord at commencement. Students who meet the above qualifications* for the spring graduation term may begin purchasing honor cords from the bookstore mid April.

*Please note: Because the University Commencement date occurs prior to the completion of end-of-term processing, the determination of Latin honors (solely for the publication of the commencement program) is based on coursework and semester hours completed through the previous semester, as is the list provided for the purchase of honor cords.

Announcements, Invitations, & Rings

The bookstore carries non-personalized, graduation announcement and invitation supplies and diploma frames. Note that the undergraduate diploma is 8.5 x 11, and the graduate diploma is 11 x 14. If you would like to order personalized invitations or announcements or class rings, contact Balfour at 1-866-Balfour (1-866-225-3687).