As a student, it is your responsibility to understand all requirements associated with the degree you are seeking.   To assist with this responsibility, The University Registrar’s Office maintains an automated online degree evaluation system (Degree Works) which can assist you in understanding your progress towards graduation. When used as a tool along with any regularly scheduled meetings with your assigned academic advisor, you should be able to follow along with your progress towards graduation.

I Applied to Graduate… What Can I Expect Now?

Each and every student who applies to graduate will have his/her file audited at least two times (initial audit and final audit) during the given graduation term by a member of the Degree Clearance Services team.

Initial Audit – Status Message:

You will receive an Initial Status Message via your iSpartan email around the mid-point of the term.  Each initial status message will contain your program of study information.   The message will then contain one of the following messages:

Initial and Final Graduation Statuses

Please note: The University awards Baccalaureate Degrees three times per year.  

Final Audits:

At the end of the term, our team will conduct a final audit of your graduation application.  Based on the successful (or unsuccessful) completion of the term, your application for graduation will either be approved or denied.

     – Approved – Awarded:  a final audit of your file shows that your degree requirements have been met

     – Denied – Removed:  a final audit of your file shows that your degree requirements are still deficient.

          – Degree candidates will neither earn degrees nor be graduated from the university until they have completed all degree requirements
          – In order to be considered a candidate for a given term, all degree requirements must be met prior to the commencement date. Students who apply for graduation should not register for subsequent semesters without being admitted to a new degree program.  Continued registration in a subsequent term will result in the removal of your graduation application for the given term.

Which Degree Evaluation System Should I Use?


Bulletin/Catalog YearDegree Evaluation System
Fall 2001 to Summer 2014CAPP
Fall 2014 and afterDegree Works
Prior to Fall 2001?
(UNCG coursework prior to Fall 2001?)
Manual Paper Audit

To request an audit, please complete a Manual Degree Audit Request Form* (for link, see below).

* This form is not a request for a graduation plan. Please refer to the Student’s First Office for assistance with graduation plans.

** Please note that in order to access the form, you must first be logged in to your iSpartan account.

*** This process must be requested. During non-peak business activities, the turnaround time for a manual audit to be processed is 10-14 business days. This time frame may be extended and is subject to the discretion of the Assistant Registrar of Graduation Services's .

If your bulletin/catalog year is dated prior to Fall 2001, please email Degree Clearance at