Degree Evaluation

The University Registrar’s Office maintains the systems that produce automated degree evaluations. In addition to meeting with an academic advisor, these systems should be used as a tool to indicate student progress toward graduation requirements.  UNCG has two systems for producing online degree evaluations (CAPP and Degree Works). Students and advisors are responsible for knowing which system to use. Both systems are accessed via UNCGenie.

Determine Your Degree Evaluation System

Bulletin YearDegree Evaluation System
Fall 2014 and afterDegree Works
Prior to Fall 2014CAPP

What is a bulletin year?

Usually the bulletin year is the year in which the student first enters the university; however, if the student changes majors, the bulletin year changes to the year of that change. A bulletin year (like the academic calendar) runs from fall to summer (e.g., an entry term of Fall 2014 is the 2014–15 Bulletin Year).


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