CAPP is the first automated degree evaluation software that UNCG implemented to replace manual degree evaluations. It was enabled for selected students in Fall 2001. Additional populations were included in phases until the entire university was on CAPP by Fall 2004.

In Fall 2014, CAPP was replaced by Degree Works; however, all students with a bulletin year prior to Fall 2014 will continue to use CAPP.

The phased implementation of CAPP was as follows:

School or ProgramCAPP Implementation Date
Bryan School of Business and Economics (does not include CARS or HTMT majors)Fall 2001
School of NursingFall 2001
School of Health and Human SciencesFall 2003
College of Arts and SciencesFall 2003
Drama and Dance MajorsFall 2003
CARS and HTMT MajorsFall 2003
School of EducationFall 2004

Students with a bulletin year prior to the CAPP implementation date for their school, must request a manual degree audit from the University Registrar’s Office using the Manual Degree Audit Request Form.  Please note that in order to access the form, you must first be logged in to your iSpartan account.  Questions regarding this process can be directed to Ginny Bobbitt –