For grading deadlines, please see the Parts of Term calendars on our Calendars page.

Grade Loading via UNCGenie

Members of the UNCG faculty may submit grades through UNCGenie as long as the faculty member is designated, in Banner, as the instructor of the course.

  1. Log in to UNCGenie using your User ID and PIN.
  2. Click on Faculty Services.
  3. Click on appropriate option (Mid Term Grades or Final Grades).
  4. Select a Term from the pull down list.
  5. Click Submit Term.
  6. Pick the Course Title and CRN of the Grade roster you wish to see.
    (Note: You will see only those courses for which you are recorded as the instructor.)
  7. Click Submit CRN. You should see the class roster for that section.
  8. From the Grade pull down menu, select, or key in, the appropriate grade for each student. New! Effective Fall 2015, if you are assigning a grade of F or I*, you must also enter a last attendance date. In the Last Attend Date column, enter the date as MM/DD/YYYY (month, day, year).
    *W & WF are not faculty assignable grades but reflect student action. Please do not enter this as a valid grade.
  9. After entering all grades, or after entering grades for graduating students (non-graduating student grades can be entered the next day, if necessary, during the grading window), click on the Submit button.
  10. As the system times out after 15 minutes, please make sure you click on the Submit button at various times, particularly if you have a large roster to complete. The grades you submit are recorded in academic history. You may access the grade roster later during the grading window to submit grades for non-graduating students or to fill in any other blanks, but any grade previously recorded cannot be changed and must be submitted via the grade change form.
  11. Click on the Return to Menu link to enter grades for another course, or click Exit to log out.

ALL grades should be in the URO or loaded to the system by 10:00 p.m. on the deadline posted on the appropriate Parts of Term calendar.

Please call 334-4137 for assistance. Please call 256-TECH for your PIN.