URO Contacts for Faculty


University Registrar

Deb B. Hurley dbhurley@uncg.edu

  Associate Registrar for Enrollment

Lisa M. Henline lmhenlin@uncg.edu


General URO Information

180 Mossman Building


Phone: 336-334-5946

Fax: 336-334-3649

Advisor Assignments

Maintenance of advisor assignment system

Robin Rudick 334-3716 rtrudick@uncg.edu



Print publications, Web site, extranet, and intranet development, general office communications

Lisa Henline 334-3990 lmhenlin@uncg.edu



Planning and coordination of December and May commencement ceremonies

Linda Dunston-Stacey 334-3724 lrdunsto@uncg.edu


Course Scheduling and Curriculum Database

Maintenance of Banner university catalog master; oversight of course and exam scheduling

Della Hawes 334-5578 dehawes@uncg.edu


Degree Evaluations

Maintenance of automated CAPP and Degree Works systems

Melanie Hoover 334-3163 mlhoover@uncg.edu


Graduation Services

Application for graduation (undergraduates) Graduation clearance for undergraduates

Ginny Bobbitt 334-4158 vkbobbit@uncg.edu


Information Services

Address and name changes for students Enrollment verifications Immunization clearance monitoring Information to outside agencies Transcript production Residency Reclassification Appeals

Elizabeth Cranford 334-3723 eacranfo@uncg.edu


NCAA Compliance

Melanie Hoover 334-3163 mlhoover@uncg.edu


Records Services

Maintenance of academic record for undergraduates and graduate students Grade changes Incomplete grade removal Academic renewal requests Tuition surcharge Special exams

Marilyn Robinson 334-4137 mdrobin2@uncg.edu


Registration Services

Registration processing, including consortium registration, audits, overrides, and registrations for courses that require written permission End-of-term grade processing

Jillian Lincourt 334-5646 jnlincou@uncg.edu

VA Benefits

Counseling and certification of benefits for veterans

Milvia Sadler 334-5490 mlsadler@uncg.edu

Neil Goodman 334-5697 ntgoodma@uncg.edu