Whether you are returning or new faculty, the University Registrar’s Office (URO) welcomes you to campus for the new term. We have compiled important start-of-term information below.

Confidentiality of Student Records

The concern for the confidentiality of student records has never been more heightened. Class rosters and class grades should be loaded only by those listed as faculty of record or his or her administrative designee who is a permanent employee of the university. Under FERPA, student employees are not considered agents of the university unless they are employed to teach a course. In that case, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, employed for the purpose of teaching, can be considered to have “legitimate educational interest” under FERPA, and can grade that course only. Grade loading by any other type of office employee is a violation of FERPA.

Also, please do NOT post grades on your office door or nearby bulletin board using student ID numbers; this is illegal. Once grades are submitted by you, they are loaded immediately, and are instantly available on the UNCGenie Web site. Please encourage students to check the Web for current access to their grades.

Instructors of Record

Faculty who are designated as instructors of record for their classes can access their class rosters on UNCGenie. Instructions for accessing the Web lists can be found at http://reg.uncg.edu/faculty/accessing-class-rosters.

Departments that still have not listed instructors for courses must update with faculty names as soon as possible so that faculty will have access to class rosters and general Web information, and so that faculty and departments can be appropriately credited and funded for the instruction. Departments should provide Della Hawes (dehawes@uncg.edu) with the full name and University ID of the faculty member so that the correct person is recorded as instructor of record.

Adds and the Faculty Override Option in UNCGenie

To conserve natural and financial resources, the Registration Overrides function in UNCGenie is the preferred way to provide permission for a student to register for a course. Instructions are found at http://reg.uncg.edu/wp-content/uploads/electronic-dropadd-instructions.pdf.

A student may initiate a drop at any time via the Web Drop function in UNCGenie.

Canvas Learning Management System

Instructors are advised that their rosters in Canvas represent the most recent upload of data from the Banner system. Instructors may not add a student to a roster in Canvas; it may be done only in Banner, which automatically populates into Canvas.

Canvas offers a cross-listing solution that allows for consolidation of multiple rosters from different sections into one course. Visit the following link for instructions: http://courses.uncg.edu/cross-listing-courses

Teaching Locations (Classrooms)

Classroom space is scarce due to increased enrollment and tight teaching schedules. Classroom assignments are now managed via the automated optimization process in Ad Astra (classroom scheduling tool).  It is no longer feasible to accommodate preferences/special requests associated with classroom assignments.  This is a much more efficient process which limits manual intervention and maximizes space utilization at the university level.  If enrollment has outgrown the assigned space, please email clasrms@uncg.edu.

Please make note of the following guidelines for classroom use:

  • Do not remove classroom furniture (e.g., desks, chairs, tables) from a classroom and do not add external furniture to a classroom. The number of seats in each classroom corresponds to the maximum capacity allowed for that room by the fire code. Moving furniture creates seating issues for other classes and can result in fire code violations.
  • All classrooms have a set capacity which cannot be altered due to State Fire Code and Accessibility regulations. Please do not allow additional students to add a course if the assigned room cannot house them. The university will not add additional seats above the approved capacity.
  • Restore seats to a pre-class setting at the end of each class meeting. Please note that many classrooms have a Maximum Occupancy sign, but this number reflects a North Carolina Department of Insurance assessment and is not a seat count.

Contact information for specific classroom issues:

  • Classroom technology (e.g., teaching kiosk, screens)—Classroom Technology Support, 334-5207
  • Classroom furniture repair—Facilities Operations Customer Service Center (CSC), 334-5684
  • All other physical classroom issues—Office of Space Management, 256-0467.

Still have questions?

We encourage you to review the topics in the left navigation menu of this Faculty Resources Web page. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 334-5946 or by e-mail at registrar@uncg.edu if we can be of assistance.