Please use the following form to request cancellation, withdrawal or reinstatement for students due to attendance or non-attendance.



If you have stopped attending a course for which you are registered, please drop or withdraw in UNCGenie.

If you have never attended a course for which you are registered, please contact the instructor of that course. If you never attended, they will be able to notify us through the above form.

Requests for Cancellation of Course(s) for Non-Attendance must be submitted within one year of the term in which the courses were taken.
No cancellations will be made once a student has been awarded a degree for a course on record previous to that degree’s award.

Never Attended  is defined as:

  • Student never attended any scheduled course meetings.
  • Student never logged into the Canvas or any other classroom system for that course.
  • Student never submitted any coursework for that course.

If the instructor of the course for which you never attended is not available or is otherwise unable to request cancellation, you may appeal for cancellation.

  • Please note that documentation of your never attending the course is required.
  • Acceptable documentation is that any documentation that clearly demonstrates that you were unable to attend the class at the time of meeting.
  • Appeals with insufficient documentation will not be accepted.

To make an appeal, please complete the following form: