Exam / Grading FAQ

How can I get the time of an exam changed?

Make your request directly to your instructor. It is the instructor’s prerogative to grant such requests.

In instances where a student has three exams in a 24-hour period, the student may submit a Final Exam Change Request to the University Registrar’s Office for permission to change his/her exam schedule. The usual policy is to change the middle exam in a sequence of three. All requests to change exam schedules must be filed with the URO before Reading Day.

How long do instructors have to grade exams and turn in final grades?

The allotted time for grading exams and turning in final grades is 24 hours from the time of the exam for graduating candidates, but all others have 48 hours. Once the final grades are submitted, it may then take several hours for the grades to be processed into the system and become available to students.

How do I find out my grades at the end of the semester?

Check your final semester grades on UNCGenie. Official grade reports are not mailed to students. Go to Final Grades for instructions about viewing and printing your grades from the Web.

It has been two weeks since exams ended, and I still haven’t received a grade for one of my courses. What should I do?

Check with the instructor first. If you can’t reach the instructor, call the University Registrar’s Office at 336-334-5946. The Registration Services division will know if the instructor for that course has submitted grades for the others registered in the course, and will already have contacted the instructor about your missing grade.

I think one of my instructors gave me the wrong grade. What should I do?

Talk with the instructor first. If the instructor assigned you an incorrect grade through clerical error, he/she should complete a Grade Change Form and submit that form to the University Registrar’s Office for processing. The URO will make the correction on your academic record.

If you wish to appeal a grade that has been assigned to you, first discuss the situation with the instructor. If you are not satisfied after meeting with your instructor, you may then appeal to the Department Head, the Dean of the College or School, and the Provost, in that order.

How can I find out if an incomplete grade has been removed from my record?

You should first view your unofficial transcript to see if the “I” grade has been replaced (see Transcripts for instructions). You may also check with your instructor to make sure that s/he has submitted the Grade Change Form to the URO. If you have any problems, call the Registration Services division of the University Registrar’s Office, at 336/334-5946.