Enrollment FAQ

What happens if I don’t pay my bill by the payment deadline?

Your classes will be canceled and you will be required to reregister during established registration periods. If you do not pay by the final payment deadline (usually the last day of Drop/Add), you will be reinstated in your classes only after making payment arrangements with the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office who will then issue reinstatement authorization to the University Registrar’s Office, and only if arrangements have been made by the tenth class day.

If you have any questions about your bill or the payment process, you should contact the Cashiers and Students Accounts Office immediately, in 151 Mossman Building, or at 336-334-5831.

If you have questions about your Financial Aid award, contact the Financial Aid Office at 336-334-5702.

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What happens if I have not completed Immunization Requirements by the time classes begin?

Students who do not complete immunization requirements as communicated to them by the UNCG Student Health Service are in jeopardy of being canceled from their classes. North Carolina immunization law states that students who are not in compliance are not eligible to attend school. Check with the UNCG Student Health Service at 336-334-4086 for further information.

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I have been accepted at UNCG and plan to register in August/January. However, I was classified as an out-of-state student. Since I will now be living in Greensboro, can I change my status to instate when I register?

Tuition status cannot be changed at the time of registration. If you wish to apply for In-state Tuition Status, you must file an application in the Office of the Provost, 201 Mossman Building, 336-334-5494. Processing of such applications may require 6-8 weeks.

Tuition status is determined during the application process. If you wish to apply for In-state Tuition Status, you must apply through the NC Residency Determination Service.

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How do I get a loan deferment? How long does it take?

See Loan Deferments for an explanation of the deferment process. The University Registrar’s Office processes loan deferments for past and current semesters for currently enrolled students with financial aid.

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I need to obtain enrollment verification for insurance purposes. How do I do this?

See Enrollment Verification for an explanation of this process. The University Registrar’s Office processes enrollment verifications for past and current semesters for currently enrolled students, beginning on the first day of each semester. A student must have paid tuition and fees for the semester to obtain enrollment verification.