What information is included on my diploma?

In addition to your legal name, your degree and Latin honors earned, if applicable, will be printed along with the date the degree was awarded. The University seal is displayed in gold along with signatures of the UNCG Chancellor, the Chair of the UNCG Board of Trustees, the President of The University of North Carolina, and the Chair of the UNC Board of Governors.

Majors, concentrations, and minors are not printed on the undergraduate diploma, in accordance with University policy. The Academic Policies and Regulations Committee, under the umbrella of the Faculty Senate, has not approved this request; therefore, we are unable to accommodate a student’s wishes for this information on a diploma. However, this information will be available on your official academic transcript.

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Can I graduate from UNCG with fewer than 122 total required hours if I have met every other requirement?

No. All bachelor’s degrees require a minimum of 122 earned credit hours. Some majors require more—see your department for details.

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What is the last date to have transfer credit received by your office to count toward graduation?

All transfer credit must be received in the University Registrar’s Office via an official transcript no later than the day before commencement of the term in which you have applied to graduate. The summer deadline is the day before the official graduation date, which can be found on the academic calendar.

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Can I transfer in my remaining requirements without attending UNCG in my final semester?

Yes, however you must have at least 31 hours of course work toward your degree completed at UNCG to meet University requirements.

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If the name I wish to have printed on my diploma is different from what is displayed on my graduation application, how can I change it?

There is a section on the graduation application that allows you to indicate special characters contained in your name. If your legal name on the application does not appear as you prefer, i.e., only your middle initial appears and you prefer your full middle name, please indicate this by typing your name in this special character field as you wish for it to appear.

Please note the University cannot honor requests to include names that are not part of your legal name of record. If such a request is made, we will notify you by e-mail that we cannot honor your request and advise you what you can do to officially change your name with the University; please see changes to personal information for more details.

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What is a dual degree and what are the requirements to complete?

A dual degree is the completion of two individual degrees at the same time. A student may receive two degrees at the same time if the requirements for both degrees are met. A minimum of 31 hours in residence beyond the requirements for the first degree must be completed (e.g., if the first degree requires 122 semester hours, a total of 153 hours must be completed). The requirements for both degrees must be met during the same term in order to receive them. You may opt to receive only one degree if all the requirements have not been completed for both; however, you will forfeit the option of completing the dual degree.

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