Detailed Consortium Instructions for UNCG Students

For UNCG Students:

  1. Email the completed form signed by student and advisor – to the UNCG Registrar’s Office at  NOTE: You must sign in with UNCG credentials to use the form.
  2. Settle tuition and fees balance via your Student Account Center in Genie or with the Cashier’s Office. NOTE: This includes pending financial aid.
  3. Once the account is settled, the CNS 100 placeholder course will be added to the student’s registration.
  4. When students see CNS 100 added to their registration in Genie, the Registrar’s office will email the visiting institution and the student the completed form during the appropriate registration dates for the specific institution.
  5. The visiting institution will contact the student with further information.

Things to consider:

  1. Students must be registered for the same number of hours or more at the home institution as they plan on being registered for at the host institution.
  2. The maximum allowed hours for Fall and Spring term is 18 and for Summer is 14. If you plan to take more that those hours, please see your advisor regarding a course overload before submitting the Consortium form.
  3. To see how courses will transfer back to UNCG, view the Transfer Equivalency Search.
  4. If courses come back as an elective (CHE 000), you must contact your advisor or the department to request a curriculum modification.
  5. SUMMER TERM: UNCG only has a Consortium agreement with NC A&T during the summer term.