Note: Printed copies of grades are not mailed to students.

Grade Availability

Unsatisfactory (unsat) grades are available during the 6th–10th week of each semester. Final grades for the current term are available to students as grades are submitted and processed during the final exam period. Previous semester grades are also available online.

Viewing & Printing Your Grades on the Web

You may view and print your grades from UNCGenie. You will need your user ID or Student ID number and your University PIN.

  1. Login via UNCGenie:
    • Select Enter Secure Area
    • Login.
      • Your User ID is usually your Student Identification Number.
      • Your PIN is a six digit Personal Identification Number.
  2. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid Menu.
  3. Click on Student Records.
  4. Click on Midterm Grades or Final Grades.
  5. Choose an Academic Term.

Your grades and academic standing for the selected semester should display. If one of your grades is listed as “NR,” the grade for that course has not yet been reported. To print a copy of your grades, select Print from your Web browser menu.

Grade and GPA Information Release

Information regarding grades and grade point averages is never released to agencies outside the University without the written consent of the student. Grade and GPA information is never given to anyone over the telephone.