The UNCG University Registrar’s Office provides services and support to students, faculty, alumni, the general public, government, state, and national educational agencies, and other university offices. The data and processes for which this office is responsible are basic to the functioning of the Institution.

The University Registrar’s Office takes pride in its history and the integral role that is has played in the life of UNCG. The office is unique in that it serves a very diverse population and has responsibility for a broad scope of complex activities. To support these activities, the URO is organized into several operational units that focus on select tasks and services.

Please call us (336-334-5946) if we can provide you with additional information about our office and the services and processes for which it is responsible.

URO Leadership

Christopher Partridge, University Registrar

Raina Barnett, Associate Registrar for Policies and Operations

Lisa Henline, Associate Registrar for Academic Infrastructure

Business Services Coordination

HR Liaison, Budget Operations, and Commencement Coordinator



Academic Infrastructure

University Catalog and Curriculum Management


Tim Cripe, Business & Technology Applications Analyst

Della Hawes, Student Services Specialist

Strategic Scheduling Team

Classroom Scheduling


Course Scheduling


Degree Works


Chelsea Bunch, Assistant Registrar for Strategic Scheduling

Brianna Souza , Academic Infrastructure Analyst

Duana Bonney, Administrative Support Specialist

Melanie Hoover, Degree Works Analyst

Will Bledsoe, Degree Works Analyst

Records and Graduation Team

Degree Clearance (Undergraduate)


Records and Operations


Maria Hayden, Assistant Registrar for Records and Graduation

Spencer Smith, Records and Operations Analyst

Danielle Eccles, Degree Clearance Analyst III

Kenya Downing, Degree Clearance Analyst II/NCAA Certifying Official

Sonja Topalovic-Marinkovic, Administrative Support Associate

Enrollment Support Team

Registration, Enrollment and Degree Verifications, Front Line Customer Service


Ashley Tuck, Enrollment Support Specialist

Brenda Neal, Student Services Specialist

Iqra Khawaja, Student Services Specialist

VACANT, Enrollment Support Analyst

Technical Services

Chris Bellamy, Technical Support Analyst

Christopher Ferguson, B&T Applications Technician

Transfer Articulation Team


Dena Kowal, Student Services Specialist

Matt Abbott , Student Services Specialist

Stephanie Jobe, Student Services Specialist

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