Suppression of Directory Information for Students

Under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the student has the right to request in writing that the disclosure of directory information be withheld from persons outside the University. Please note that this information can only be suppressed from the public, not from University officials and certain state and federal officials.

To suppress your name from the printed and Web versions of the University Directory and Campus Information, file a suppression of personal information form with the University Registrar’s Office. To avoid having the information appear in the printed Directory, file this form by September 1. You may request suppression of Web directory information at any time.

You must be enrolled at UNCG in order to file a suppression, which will remain in effect until revoked in writing, even after you are no longer a student. Once your information is suppressed, it will not be released to news services or posted on the Registrar’s Website for honors such as Deans List or Chancellor’s List, nor printed in the UNCG Commencement Program when you graduate, unless you revoke the suppression. If you apply for admission into another program at UNCG and request that your records in that program be flagged as confidential, note that this will affect all of your records at UNCG.

Please note: The law allows the University to release directory information and other information about students under certain circumstances—even when the student has signed a suppression form. Examples include a health or safety emergency, a lawful subpoena or court order, or to authorized Federal, State, or Local employees. For more information, visit