Registration Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for registering and viewing registration access windows on the Web.

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Registration Checklist

Meet with Advisor

Undergraduates, and graduates in certain programs, must meet with faculty advisors prior to registration. Many programs have complex degree requirements or require that courses be taken in sequence. Your faculty advisor will help you plan your academic program accordingly. Your faculty advisor will also provide your semester advising code. It is your responsibility to set up an appointment with your advisor or advising office. For departmental contact information, see

If you are an undergraduate in Business & Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, Education, Health & Human Sciences, or Nursing, please generate and print your degree evaluation from UNCGenie and take it with you to your advising appointment (or request a degree audit, depending on entry term and major). Instructions for accessing your degree evaluation can be found on our degree evaluation page.

Review course prerequisites and other course restrictions in the Undergraduate or Graduate School bulletins before you register. Be aware of all course and program requirements before registering.

Obtain Required Personal and Course Information

Have your Student Identification Number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and advising code ready for use before you attempt to register or to drop or add courses.

If you have lost, forgotten, or disabled any of the above, take appropriate action before you register.

You must use a specific five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) to register for each class (see course listings in the Online Course Search). Verify courses and CRNs before you register to make sure you are entering the correct information.

Register During Your Access Window

Undergraduates are assigned registration access windows during registration periods. Graduate students are not assigned access windows and may register any time the system is open (but may be subject to late fees if registering late). If you have a question about the assignment of your access window please call the University Registrar’s Office at 336/334-5946. You may access your window by logging into UNCGenie/Student Services & Financial Aid/Registration/Check Your Registration Status.

View and Print Your Class Schedule and Fee Assessment


After you register or make changes to your schedule, view your Student Schedule by Day and Time to make sure there are no time conflicts between courses. Please print your schedule for your records. Be sure to check for rooms and meeting times via UNCGenie immediately prior to the first day of class.

Fee Assessment

Check your fee assessment and print a copy of the statement after you register.

Comply with Immunization Clearance

As part of the registration process, all new students are required to submit verified immunization records to Student Health Services.

These records must be complete within 30 days of the first day of classes. Failure to comply with North Carolina immunization requirements will result in the cancellation of your registration.

For more detailed information contact the Immunization Office in Student Health Services at 336/334-4086.

Pay Bills by Deadlines

Pay your tuition and fees by the deadline stated in your bill and/or in the registration calendar. Failure to pay your tuition and fees by the deadline will result in the cancellation of your registration. Students who are canceled for nonpayment must reregister or seek reinstatement. Continuing students who are canceled will be required to pay a late registration fee when they reregister.

Need a parking permit?

Go to Parking Operations and Campus Access Management, Walker Parking Deck, 336/334-5681 (7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.), You may not park on campus without this permit.

Have Your Picture Taken

Obtain your UNCG SpartanCard ID at the SpartanCard Center in Room 121, Elliott University Center (EUC), 336/334-5651, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. You must take proof of course registration (printout from UNCGenie) and photo identification to get your ID card.

Your ID card will be automatically activated when the semester begins. You will not have access to certain campus services until your ID has been activated.

Review Your Schedule

Because the system will not automatically drop you from classes that you do not attend or have stopped attending, review your schedule and drop any class you have decided not to attend or that you may have registered for in error.

See the registration calendar for the deadline to drop without academic penalty. If you drop classes, be sure to view your modified schedule to verify all transactions. Contact the University Registrar’s Office at 336/334-5946 if you believe there is a problem with your schedule.