Immunization Clearance Policy

Student Health Services
Gove Student Health Center

(For exemption information see http://www.uncg.edu/shs/clinic/immunization/)

Students who have been admitted to UNCG are required by North Carolina State law to submit an immunization form with appropriate verification of immunizations. This form is supplied by the admitting office, the Immunization Office, or from Student Health Services’ Web site. Completed forms must be returned to Gove Student Health Center.

Failure to comply with this requirement within thirty calendar days from the first day of each semester will result in the student being administratively withdrawn from the university. Once dropped from the university for noncompliance with state immunization requirements, the student must reapply for admission should he or she wish to return the following semester or any time thereafter.

Please note that Financial Aid and Residence Life have earlier compliance dates that may impact your ability to receive financial aid or live on campus.

Military Call-Up Policy

See the full policy in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Withdrawal from the University

Needed information regarding withdrawal from the University varies from student to student. Students living on campus have different needs from those living off campus. Students receiving financial aid or VA benefits have unique needs. Below are campus links for essential withdrawal information.

University Registrar’s Office—Undergraduate Bulletin


Cashier’s and Student Accounts Office


Dean of Students


Division of Continual Learning—Undergraduate Bulletin


Financial Aid
Return of Title IV
Satisfactory Academic Progress


Graduate School


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SpartanCard Center


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