The Registration Process

Required Student Information

To access UNCGenie, you are required to use certain unique personal data such as User Identification Number (ID); Personal Identification Number (PIN), assigned by the university; and a semester advising code, provided by faculty advisors to undergraduates and some graduate students. You must have this information to register, drop/add, send and receive e-mail, check your financial aid status and account, view grades, and complete many other transactions. Your ID Number, PIN, and advising code are confidential information and should not be shared with others. All eligible students (new and continuing) receive registration information via their iSpartan e-mail prior to each registration period. Instructions for locating the registration access window and faculty advisor information is included in this e-mail message.


All UNCG students are assigned PINumbers to access UNCGenie. If you forget or disable your PINumber, visit Assistance is also available in person at the SuperLab Help Desk in Jackson Library. You may change your existing PIN at any time by accessing UNCGenie.

Advising and Advising Codes

Advising codes are required to access the registration menu, including the drop/add screens. New six-digit codes are issued to all students for each semester. Previous semester codes cannot be used to access current semester registration. New first-year and transfer students are assigned and meet with advisors during their initial orientation/registration process; transfer students are also encouraged to register during registration-by-appointment and should seek the guidance of their advisors regarding course selection. Continuing students are responsible for making appointments with their advisors during the advising periods that occur in conjunction with early April and November registrations. See the Registration Calendar. Graduate students in certain programs must also see advisors to obtain advising codes. Please consult the "Check Your Registration Status" option, under Registration in the Student tab in your UNCGenie account. If you misplace your advising code, contact your advisor or major department office.

Registration Access Windows

Initial registration for any term is by registration access window only. Your access window is a period of several days during which you have access to register. During this period, the registration system is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For the best selection of classes, register during your registration window rather than waiting until the registration-by-appointment period, when all students will have registration access.

Duplication of Courses

You should register for one section of each course, unless it is a course that is repeatable for credit. If you register for more than one section, you will be dropped at the discretion of the University Registrar's Office.

Importance of Academic Calendars

All registration periods and important deadlines for completing transactions are listed in the academic calendars, and it is your responsibility to be aware of those dates and deadlines. See the academic calendars and the registration calendar for registration periods and related deadlines.


The UNCGenie information system is the means by which students register and complete many other transactions at UNCG. UNCGenie is Web-based. See Registration Instructions for complete user instructions.

iSpartan E-Mail

E-mail is the most often-used vehicle for communication on the UNCG campus, with important notices and deadlines being sent by this method only. Registration information, for example, is sent strictly by e-mail. Activate your UNCG e-mail account as soon as possible. You should always maintain a current e-mail address so that you will receive important notices from campus. The ITS site will help you obtain e-mail access here at UNCG.

Registration Assistance and Locations

Registration LocationsYou may register on or off campus via UNCGenie. During registration periods, a designated area of Mossman Commons will be staffed with registration assistants, or you may go to your major departmental office. College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center (CASA) 103 Foust, 334-4361 Bryan School of Business & Economics Undergraduates: 301 Bryan, 334-5928 Graduate students: See your department/program advisor.
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 210 Stone, 334-5250 Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality & Tourism Management 441 Bryan, 334-3797
School of Education
Counseling & Educational Development 228 Curry, 334-3423 Teacher Education and Higher Education 488 School of Education, 334-3437 Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations 366 School of Education, 334-3490 Educational Research Methodology 254 School of Education, 334-3471 Library and Information Studies 446 School of Education, 334-3477 Specialized Education Services 444 School of Education, 334-5843
School of Health and Human Sciences
Communication Sciences & Disorders 300 Ferguson, 334-5184 Community and Therapeutic Recreation 200-B Ferguson, 334-5327 Human Development & Family Studies 248 Stone, 334-5307 Kinesiology 237 HHP Building, 334-5308 Nutrition 318 Stone, 334-5313 Peace and Conflict Studies 210 McIver Building, 334-4781 Public Health Education 437 HHP Building, 334-5532 Social Work 268 Stone, 334-5147
Lloyd International Honors College 205 Foust, 334-5538 School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Music 220 Music, 334-3638 Theatre 200 Taylor, 334-5576 Dance 323 HHP Building, 334-5570
School of Nursing 123 Moore Nursing, 334-5288 122 Moore Nursing, 334-5286 118 Moore Nursing, 334-5282 Undecided/Exploratory Students First Office 061 McIver, 334-5730