Meeting Patterns Format and Sequence

Importance of 24-Hour time format

Course meeting times must be entered in the military (24‐hour) time format. Please do not enter your meeting times in standard clock format when you submit your schedule request.

  • All courses meet for part of a term and must be offered within the beginning and ending dates of the full semester calendar.
  • No course may end on or after the date of graduation for the term.
  • The University Registrar’s Office will determine the appropriate dates for add/drop and dropping without academic penalty, and the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office will determine payment and refund deadlines for all courses.
  • Course schedules should adhere to Standard Hours table.
Standard Hours (Meeting Times)
Morning HoursAfternoon HoursEvening Hours
0800-0850 MWF1200-1250 MWF1700-1750 MWF
0800-0915 TR1230-1345 TR1700-1815 MW or TR
0900-0950 MWF1300-1350 MWF1730-1845 MW or TR
0930-1045 TR1400-1450 MWF1800-1915 MW or TR
1000-1050 MWF1400-1515 MW or TR1830-1945 MW or TR
1100-1150 MWF1500-1550 MWF1900-2015 MW or TR
1100-1215 TR1530-1645 MW or TR1930-2045 MW or TR
Hours apply to three and four credit hour courses offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Additional Notes:

  • MWF classes are 50 minutes and meet on the hour
  • TR classes are 75 minutes and meet sequentially on the hour/half‐hour beginning at 0800.
  • MW classes are 75 minutes, meet sequentially, and may be scheduled only after 1400.
  • Courses should not mix day sequence. The approved sequences are MWF, MW, or TR (Examples of non‐approved sequences: MT or WR or TW.)
  • One semester hour classes meet 50 minutes per week and should follow established meeting pattern start times (above).
  • Two semester hour classes meet 100 minutes per week and should follow established meeting pattern start times (above).
Three hour block courses

Three‐hour block courses should include 150 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of optional break time (scheduled for 1400 and later):

Three hour lab courses

Three hour lab courses should follow the following sequence: