Viewing and Printing An Unofficial Transcript

Students who attended UNCG spring 1988 and later may view and print copies of their unofficial transcripts from UNCGenie. Your Student ID number and University PIN are required.

Viewing & Printing Your Unofficial Transcript on the Web

You may view and print your grades from UNCGenie. You will need your user ID or Student ID number and your University PIN.

  1. Go to the UNCG home page at
  2. Click on the UNCGenie button.
  3. Login via UNCGenie:UNCGenie
    1. Select Enter Secure Area
    2. Login.
      • Your User Id is usually your Student Identification Number.
      • Your PIN is a six digit Personal Identification Number.
  4. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid Menu.
  5. Click on Student Records.
  6. Click on Academic Transcript.
  7. Choose Transcript Level and Transcript Type.
  8. Click on Display Transcript.

Your unofficial academic transcript should display.

To print a copy of your unofficial transcript to an available printer, select Print from your Web browser menu.