Dance (B.F.A.)

Students should take 2–3 credits in dance technique, especially modern dance, each semester, if available. If you plan to transfer to UNCG before earning the associate’s degree, it is recommended that you complete as many of UNCG‘s general education requirements as possible. UNCG‘s dance history courses meet general education marker requirements as well as major requirements, so it is preferable to take these courses at UNCG. These degree programs involve rigorous professional preparation, and ordinarily require at least three years of study at UNCG following community college courses. An audition is required for admission to any major in dance.

Note that UNCG DCE 305 is a major requirement and also fulfills the General Education Writing Intensive (WI) requirement. Since DAN 212 does not fulfill WI, students must substitute another WI course at UNCG.

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

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