N.C. Community College Course Equivalencies

Please be aware that UNCG academic departments may decide that current course content is no longer the same as when the course was originally completed and may require transfer students to repeat major-related courses.

Students who earn the A.A./A.S. degree from a North Carolina community college and earned grades of C or better will be eligible for 60 semester hours of credit, junior standing, and will have met General Education Core (GEC) requirements. Students who earn C- or D grades in the A.A./A.S. program may or may not be admitted as juniors, but will not have GEC waived.

For details, please see http://www.northcarolina.edu/?q=content/nc-community-college-transfer.

Even though GEC may be waived, completion of some General Education requirements specific to a student’s major and/or foreign language may be required during UNCG enrollment. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for complete General Education information.

N.C. Community Colleges Transfer Course Equivalencies

N.C. Community College Dept.No.N.C. Community College Course TitleHrs.UNCG Dept.No.UNCG Course TitleGECGEC+CARMarker 
ACA122College Transfer Success1ELE0College Transfer Success
ACC120Principles of Financial Accounting4ACC201Financial Accounting
ACC121Principles of Managerial Accounting4ACC202Managerial Accounting
ANT210General Anthropology3ATY212Intro to AnthropologyGSBGN
ANT220Cultural Anthropology3ATY213Intro to Cultural AnthropologyGSBGN
ANT221Comparative Cultures3ATY100Contemporary Non-Western CulturesGSBGN
ANT240Archaeology3ATY258Archaeology258 Intro to Archaeology thru World PrehistoryGSBGN
ANT240AArchaeology Field Lab1ATY000Archaeology Field Lab
ANT245World Prehistory3ATY258Intro to Archaeology thru World PrehistoryGSBGN
ARA111Elementary Arabic I3ELE0Elementary Arabic IGN
ARA112Elementary Arabic II3ELE0Elementary Arabic IIGN
ARA181Arabic Lab I1ELE0Arabic Lab I
ARA182Arabic Lab II1ELE0Arabic Lab II
ARA211Intermediate Arabic I3ELE0Intermediate Arabic IGFLGN
ARA212Intermediate Arabic II3ELE0Intermediate Arabic IIGFLGN
ART111Art Appreciation3ART100Introduction to ArtGFA
ART113Art Methods & Materials3ART0Art Methods & Materials
ART114Art History Survey I3ARH110Survey of Western Art: Prehistory–RenaissanceGFA
ART115Art History Survey II3ARH111Survey of Western Art: Renaissance–ContemporaryGFA
ART116Survey of American Art3ARH0Survey of American Art
ART117Non-Western Art History3ARH112Survey of Non-Western ArtGFAGN
ART118Art by Women3ART0Art by Women
ART121Design I3ART140Foundation Design I
ART122Design II3ART150Three-Dimensional Foundations I
ART130Basic Drawing3ART0Basic Drawing
ART131Drawing I3ART120Fundamentals of Drawing
ART132Drawing II3ART220Intermediate Drawing
ART135Figure Drawing I3ART221Life Drawing I
ART140Basic Painting3ART0Basic Painting
ART171Computer Art I3ART240Foundations Design II
ART212Gallery Assistantship I1ART0Gallery Assistantship I
ART213Gallery Assistantship II1ART0Gallery Assistantship II
ART214Portfolio & Resume1ART0Portfolio & Resume
ART222Wood Design I3ART0Wood Design I
ART231Printmaking I3ART0Printmaking I
ART232Printmaking II3ART0Printmaking II
ART235Figure Drawing II3ART0Figure Drawing II
ART240Painting I3ART0Painting I
ART241Painting II3ART0Painting II
ART242Landscape Painting3ART0Landscape Painting
ART243Portrait Painting3ART0Portrait Painting
ART245Metals I3ART0Metals I
ART246Metals II3ART0Metals II
ART247Jewelry I3ART0Jewelry I
ART248Jewelry II3ART0Jewelry II
ART250Surface Design: Textiles3CRS0Surface Design: Textiles
ART251Weaving I3CRS0Weaving I
ART252Weaving II3CRS0Weaving II
ART260Photography Appreciation3ART0Photography Appreciation
ART261Photography I3ART285Photography I
ART262Photography II3ART0Photography II
ART264Digital Photography I3ART0Digital Photography I
ART265Digital Photography II3ART0Digital Photography II
ART266Videography I3MST0Videography I
ART267Videography II3MST0Videography II
ART271Computer Art II3ART0Computer Art II
ART275Intro Commercial Art3ART0Intro Commercial Art
ART281Sculpture I3ART0Sculpture I
ART282Sculpture II3ART0Sculpture II
ART283Ceramics I3ART0Ceramics I
ART284Ceramics II3ART0Ceramics II
ART285Ceramics III3ART0Ceramics III
ART286Ceramics IV3ART0Ceramics IV
ASL111Elem American Sign Language I3SES0Elem American Sign Language I
ASL112Elem American Sign Language II3SES0Elem American Sign Language II
ASL181American Sign Language Lab 11SES0American Sign Language Lab 1
ASL182American Sign Language Lab 21SES0American Sign Language Lab 2
ASL211Intermediate American Sign Language I3SES0Intermediate American Sign Language IGFL
ASL212Intermediate American Sign Language II3SES0Intermediate American Sign Language IIGFL
ASL281American Sign Language Lab 31SES0American Sign Language Lab 3
ASL282American Sign Language Lab 41SES0American Sign Language Lab 4
AST111Descriptive Astronomy3AST203Conceptual AstronomyGNSGPS
AST111ADescriptive Astronomy Lab1AST0Descriptive Astronomy LabL
AST151General Astronomy I3AST209Astronomy: Solar SystemGNSGPS
AST151AGeneral Astronomy I Lab1AST0General Astronomy I LabL
AST152General Astronomy II3AST235Astronomy: Stars and GalaxiesGNSGPS
AST152AGeneral Astronomy II Lab1AST0General Astronomy II LabL
AST251Observational Astronomy2AST0Observational Astronomy
BIO110Principles of Biology4BIO105/105LMajor Concepts of Biology with LabGNSGLSL
BIO111General Biology I4BIO111/111LPrinciples of Biology I with LabGNSGLSL
BIO112General Biology II4BIO112Principles of Biology IIGNSGLSL
BIO120Introductory Botany4BIO0Introductory BotanyGNSGLS
BIO130Introductory Zoology4BIO0Introductory ZoologyGNSGLS
BIO140Environmental Biology3BIO0Environmental BiologyGNSGLS
BIO140AEnvironmental Biology Lab1BIO0Environmental Biology LabL
BIO143Field Biology Minicourse2BIO0Field Biology Minicourse
BIO145Ecology4BIO301Principles of Ecology
BIO302Introductory Ecology Laboratory
BIO146Regional Natural History4BIO0Regional Natural History
BIO150Genetics in Human Affairs3BIO0Genetics in Human Affairs
BIO155Nutrition3NTR213Introductory NutritionGNSGLS
BIO163Basic Anatomy & Physiology5BIO0Basic Anatomy & Physiology
BIO165Anatomy & Physiology I4BIO0Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO166Anatomy & Physiology II4BIO271Human Anatomy
BIO168Anatomy & Physiology I4BIO0Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO169Anatomy & Physiology II4BIO271Human Anatomy
BIO175General Microbiology3BIO0General Microbiology
BIO180Biological Chemistry3BIO0Biological Chemistry
BIO224Local Flora Spring2BIO0Local Flora Spring
BIO242Natural Resource Conservation3BIO0Natural Resource Conservation
BIO243Marine Biology4BIO420Marine Biology
BIO393Genetics Laboratory
BIO265Cell Biology4BIO0Cell Biology
BIO275Microbiology4BIO280Fundamentals of Microbiology
BUS110Intro to Business3BUS100Global Business, Markets, and Society
BUS115Business Law I3MGT0Business Law I
BUS137Principles of Management3MGT300Management of Organizations
BUS228Business Stats3ECO250Economic & Business Statistics I
CHI111Elementary Chinese I3CHI101Elementary Chinese IGN
CHI112Elementary Chinese II3CHI102Elementary Chinese IIGN
CHI181Chinese Lab I1CHI0Chinese Lab I
CHI182Chinese Lab II1CHI0Chinese Lab II
CHI211Intermediate Chinese I3CHI203Intermediate Chinese IGFLGN
CHI212Intermediate Chinese II3CHI204Intermediate Chinese IIGFLGN
CHM115Concepts in Chemistry3CHE101Intro ChemistryGNSGPS
CHM115AConcepts in Chem Lab1CHE110Intro Chemistry LabGNSGPSL
CHM130General, Organic, & Biochemistry3CHE103General Descriptive Chemistry IGNSGPS
CHM130AGeneral, Organic, & Biochemtry Lab1CHE110Intro Chemistry LabGNSGPSL
CHM131Intro to Chemistry3CHE103General Descriptive Chemistry IGNSGPS
CHM131AIntro to Chemistry Lab1CHE110Intro Chemistry LabGNSGPSL
CHM132Organic and Biochemistry4CHE104General Descriptive Chemistry IIGNSGPS
CHM135Survey of Chemistry I4CHE0Survey of Chemistry IGNSGPS
CHM136Survey of Chemistry II4CHE0Survey of Chemistry IIGNSGPS
CHM151General Chemistry I4CHE111General Chemistry IGNSGPS
General Chemistry I LabCHE112General Chemistry I LabGNSGPSL
CHM152General Chemistry II4CHE114General Chemistry IIGNSGPS
CHM 152Chemistry II Lab4CHE115General Chemistry II LabGNSGPSL
CHM251Organic Chemistry I4CHE351Organic Chemistry I
CHM252Organic Chemistry II4CHE352Organic Chemistry II
CHE354Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHM263Analytical Chemistry5CHE0Analytical Chemistry
CHM271Biochemistry Principles3CHE420Chemical Principles of Biochemistry
CHM271ABiochemistry Principles Lab1CHE0Biochemistry Principles Lab
CIS110Intro to Computers3ISM110Business Computing I
CIS115Intro to Prog & Logic3ISM0Intro to Prog & Logic
CJC111Intro to Criminal Justice3SOC317Criminal Justice
CJC121Law Enforcement Operations3ELE0Law Enforcement Operations
COM110Intro to Communication3CST105Intro to Communication StudiesGRDSI
COM111Voice and Diction I3CST0Voice and Diction I
COM120Intro Interpersonal Communication3CST207Relational Communication
COM130Nonverbal Communication3CST0Nonverbal Communication
COM140Intro Intercultural Communication3CST0Intro Intercultural Communication
COM150Intro Mass Communication3CST0Intro Mass Communication
COM160Small Group Communication3CST0Small Group Communication
COM231Public Speaking3CST105Intro to Communication StudiesGRDSI
COM251Debate I3CST0Debate I
CSC120Computing Fundamentals I4CSC000Computing Fundamentals I
CSC130Computing Fundamentals II4CSC000Computing Fundamentals II
CSC134C++ Programming3CSC0C++ Programming
CSC139Visual BASIC Programming3CSC0Visual BASIC Programming
CSC151JAVA Programming3CSC130Intro to Comp Science
CSC239Advanced Visual BASIC3CSC0Advanced Visual BASIC
CTS115Info Sys Business Concept3ISM0Info Sys Business Concept
DAN110Dance Appreciation3DCE200Dance AppreciationGFAGL
DFT170Engineering Graphics3ELE0Engineering Graphics
DRA111Theatre Appreciation3THR100Drama AppreciationGFA
DRA112Literature of the Theatre3THR0Literature of the TheatreGLT
DRA115Theatre Criticism3THR0Theatre Criticism
DRA120Voice for Performance3THR120Voice for the Actor
DRA122Oral Interpretation3THR381Oral Interpretation
DRA124Readers Theatre3THR381Oral Interpretation
DRA128Children's Theatre3THR517Children's Theatre School & Community
DRA130Acting I3THR231Acting I
DRA131Acting II3THR232Acting II
DRA132Stage Movement3THR0Stage Movement
DRA135Acting for the Camera I3THR534Acting for the Camera
DRA136Acting for the Camera II3THR0Acting for the Camera II
DRA140Stagecraft I3THR140Stage Crafts I
DRA141Stagecraft II3THR145Stage Crafts II
DRA142Costuming3THR346Costume Crafts
DRA145Stage Makeup2THR260Advanced Makeup
DRA170Play Production I3THR0Play Production I
DRA171Play Production II3THR0Play Production II
DRA175Teleplay Production I3MST0Teleplay Production I
DRA211Theatre History I3THR0Theatre History IGFA
DRA212Theatre History II3THR0Theatre History IIGFA
DRA230Acting III3THR0Acting III
DRA231Acting IV3THR0Acting IV
DRA240Lighting for the Theatre3THR370Lighting Design
DRA260Directing3THR410Directing I
DRA270Play Production III3THR0Play Production III
DRA271Play Production IV3THR0Play Production IV
ECO151Survey of Economics3ECO101Intro to EconomicsGSB
ECO251Prin of Microeconomics3ECO201Principles of MicroeconomicsGSB
ECO252Principles of Macroeconomics3ECO202Principles of MacroeconomicsGSB
EDU216Foundations of Education4ELC0Foundations of Education
EDU221Children with Exceptionalities3SES0Children with Exceptionalities
EGR150Intro to Engineering1ELE0Intro to Engineering
EGR210Intro to Electr/Com Egr Lab2ELE0Intro to Electr/Com Egr Lab
EGR212Logic System Design I3ELE0Logic System Design I
EGR215Network Theory I3ELE0Network Theory I
EGR216Logic & Networks Lab I1ELE0Logic & Networks Lab I
EGR220Engineering Statics3ELE0Engineering Statics
EGR225Engineering Dynamics3ELE0Engineering Dynamics
EGR228Intro to Solid Mechanics3ELE0Intro to Solid Mechanics
ENG111Expository Writing3ENG101English Composition IGRD
ENG112Argument-Based Research3ENG102English Composition IIGRD
ENG113Literature-Based Research3ENG102English Composition IIGRD
ENG114Prof Research & Reporting3ENG102English Composition IIGRD
ENG125Creative Writing I3ENG221Writing of Poetry: Introductory
ENG126Creative Writing II3ENG225Writing of Fiction: Introductory
ENG131Intro to Literature3ENG104Approach to LiteratureGLT
ENG132Intro to Drama3ENG107Intro to DramaGLT
ENG134Intro to Poetry3ENG106Intro to PoetryGLT
ENG231American Literature I3ENG251Major American Authors: Colonial to RomanticGLT
ENG232American Literature II3ENG252Major American Authors: Realist to ModernGLT
ENG233Major American Writers3ENG0Major American WritersGLT
ENG235Survey of Film as Literature3ENG0Survey of Film as Literature
ENG241British Literature I3ENG211Major British Authors: Medieval to NeoclassicalGLT
ENG242British Literature II3ENG212Major British Authors: Romantic to ModernGLT
ENG243Major British Writers3ENG0Major British WritersGLT
ENG251Western World Literature I3ENG201European Literary Classics: Ancient to RenaissanceGLTGL
ENG252Western World Literature II3ENG202European Literary Classics: Enlightenment to ModernGLTGL
ENG253The Bible as Literature3ENG371Literary Study of the BibleGLTGL
ENG261World Literature I3ENG0World Literature IGLTGL
ENG262World Literature II3ENG0World Literature IIGLTGL
ENG271Contemporary Literature3ENG0Contemporary Literature
ENG272Southern Literature3ENG0Southern Literature
ENG273African-American Literature3ENG210Literature and the ArtsGLT
ENG274Literature by Women3ENG0Literature by Women
ENG275Science Fiction3ENG235Science Fiction
FRE111Elementary French I3FRE101Beginning FrenchGL
FRE112Elementary French II3FRE102Beginning FrenchGL
FRE141Culture & Civilization3FRE0Culture & Civilization
FRE151Francophone Literature3FRE0Francophone Literature
FRE161Cultural Immersion3FRE0Cultural Immersion
FRE181French Lab 11FRE0French Lab 1
FRE182French Lab 21FRE0French Lab 2
FRE211Intermediate French I3FRE203Intermediate French IGFLGL
FRE212Intermediate French II3FRE204Intermediate French IIGFLGL
FRE221French Conversation3FRE0French ConversationGL
FRE231Reading & Composition3FRE0Reading & CompositionGL
FRE281French Lab 31FRE0French Lab 3
FRE282French Lab 41FRE0French Lab 4
GEL111Introductory Geology4GEO103Intro to Earth ScienceGNSGPSL
GEL113Historical Geology4GEO0Historical GeologyGNSGPS
GEL120Physical Geology4GEO111Physical GeologyGNSGPS
GEO111LPhysical Geology LabGNSGPSL
GEL230Environmental Geology4GEO305Environmental Hazards Assessment
GEO110Intro to Geography3GEO0Intro to Geography
GEO111World Regional Geography3GEO315Geography of World AffairsGSBGNGN
GEO112Cultural Geography3GEO105Cultural GeographyGSBGNGN
GEO130General Physical Geography3GEO103Intro to Earth ScienceGNSGPS
GEO131Physical Geography I4GEO106Geosystems ScienceGNSGPS
GEO106LGeosystems Science LabGNSGPSL
GER111Elementary German I3GER101Beginning GermanGL
GER112Elementary German II3GER102Beginning GermanGL
GER141Culture & Civilization3GER215German Civilization: Readings in EnglishGL
GER161Cultural Immersion3GER0Cultural Immersion
GER181German Lab I1GER0German Lab I
GER182German Lab II1GER0German Lab II
GER211Intermediate German I3GER203Intermediate GermanGFLGL
GER212Intermediate German II3GER204Intermediate German TopicsGFLGL
GER221German Conversation3GER301German Conversation & Composition: TopicsGL
GER231Reading & Composition3GER302German Language & Society: Topics
GER281German Lab III1GER0German Lab III
GER282German Lab IV1GER0German Lab IV
GIS111Intro to GIS3GEO0Intro to GIS
HEA110Personal Health/Wellness3HEA201Personal HealthGSB
HEA112First Aid & CPR2HEA338Safety and First Aid
HEA120Community Health3HEA334Community Health
HIS111World Civilizations I3HIS 207Topics in Premodern World History IIGHPGPMGN
HIS112World Civilizations II3HIS209Topics in Modern World History IIGHPGMOGN
HIS114Comparative World History3HIS0Comparative World HistoryGL
HIS115Intro to Global History3HIS0Intro to Global HistoryGL
HIS116Current World Problems3HIS0Current World ProblemsGL
HIS121Western Civilization I3HIS206Topics in Premodern World History IGHPGPMGL
HIS122Western Civilization II3HIS208Topics in Modern World History IGHPGMOGL
HIS131American History I3HIS211The United States: General Survey to 1865GHPGMO
HIS132American History II3HIS212The United States: General Survey since 1865GHPGMO
HIS141Genealogy & Local History3HIS0Genealogy & Local History
HIS145The Second World War3HIS0The Second World WarGL
HIS151Hispanic Civilization3HIS369History of SpainGHPGPMGL
HIS162Women & History3HIS0Women & History
HIS163World Since 19453HIS218World in the 20th Century: Since 1945GHPGMOGN
HIS16520th Century World3HIS020th Century World
HIS167The Vietnam War3HIS0The Vietnam War
HIS211Ancient History3HIS220The Ancient WorldGHPGPM
HIS212Medieval History3HIS221Medieval LegacyGHPGPMGL
HIS21620th Century Europe3HIS371Europe Since World War IGHPGMOGL
HIS221African American History3HIS0African American HistoryGHPGMO
HIS222African American History I3HIS301Race and SlaveryGHPGMO
HIS223African American History II3HIS302Race and SegregationGHPGMO
HIS226The Civil War3HIS338Civil War, Reconstruction, & Reunion
HIS227Native American History3HIS0Native American History
HIS228History of the South3HIS0History of the South
HIS229History of the Old South3HIS343The Old South
HIS230The Changing South3HIS344The New South
HIS231Recent American History3HIS340US Since World War II
HIS232History of the Old West3HIS0History of the Old West
HIS233History of Appalachia3HIS0History of Appalachia
HIS234Cherokee History3HIS0Cherokee History
HIS236North Carolina History3HIS347History of North Carolina
HIS237The American Revolution3HIS336Age of the Democratic Revolution, 1764-1789
HIS260History of Africa3HIS0History of AfricaGN
HIS262Middle East History3HIS0Middle East HistoryGN
HIS271French Revolution Era3HIS364French Revolutionary Era
HIS275History of Terrorism3HIS0History of Terrorism
HUM110Technology & Society3ELE0Technology & SocietyGPR
HUM115Critical Thinking3ELE0Critical ThinkingGRD
HUM120Cultural Studies3ATY0Cultural StudiesGPR
HUM121The Nature of America3ELE0The Nature of AmericaGPR
HUM122Southern Culture3ATY0Southern CultureGPR
HUM123Appalachian Culture3ELE0Appalachian CultureGPR
HUM130Myth in Human Culture3ATY0Myth in Human CultureGPR
HUM140History of Architecture3ELE0History of Architecture
HUM150American Women's Studies3WGS250Intro to Women's and Gender StudiesGSB
HUM160Intro to Film3MST225Film AppreciationGFA
HUM161Advanced Film Studies3MST0Advanced Film StudiesGFA
HUM170The Holocaust3ELE0The Holocaust
HUM180International Cultural Exploration3ELE0International Cultural Exploration
HUM211Humanities I3ELE0Humanities IGPR
HUM212Humanities II3ELE0Humanities IIGPR
HUM220Human Values & Meaning3PHI0Human Values & MeaningGPR
HUM230Leadership Development3MGT0Leadership Development
ITA111Elementary Italian I3ITA101Beginning Italian IGL
ITA112Elementary Italian II3ITA102Beginning Italian IIGL
ITA181Italian Lab I1ITA0Italian Lab I
ITA182Italian Lab II1ITA0Italian Lab II
ITA211Intermediate Italian I3ITA203Intermediate Italian IGFLGL
ITA212Intermediate Italian II3ITA204Intermediate Italian IIGFLGL
ITA221Italian Conversation3ITA0Italian ConversationGL
ITA231Reading & Composition3ITA0Reading & Composition
ITA281Italian Lab III1ITA0Italian Lab III
ITA282Italian Lab IV1ITA0Italian Lab IV
JOU110Intro to Journalism3ENG219Journalism I: Fundamentals of Newswriting
JOU216Writing for Mass Media3ENG219Journalism I: Fundamentals of Newswriting
JOU217Feature/Editorial Writing3ENG320Journalism III: Feature Writing & Reviewing
JPN111Elementary Japanese I3JNS101Elementary Japanese IGN
JPN112Elementary Japanese II3JNS102Elementary Japanese IIGN
JPN181Japanese Lab I1JNS0Japanese Lab I
JPN182Japanese Lab II1JNS0Japanese Lab II
JPN211Intermediate Japanese I3JNS203Intermediate Japanese IGFLGN
JPN212Intermediate Japanese II3JNS204Intermediate Japanese IIGFLGN
LAT111Elementary Latin I3LAT101Elementary Latin IGL
LAT112Elementary Latin II3LAT102Elementary Latin IIGL
LAT141Culture & Civilization3LAT0Culture & CivilizationGL
LAT142Literature & the Roman Republic3LAT0Literature & the Roman RepublicGL
LAT181Latin Lab I1LAT0Latin Lab I
LAT182Latin Lab II1LAT0Latin Lab II
LAT211Intermediate Latin I3LAT203Intermediate Latin IGFLGL
LAT212Intermediate Latin II3LAT204Intermediate Latin IIGFLGL
LAT231Reading & Composition3LAT0Reading & CompositionGL
LAT232Imperial Literature3LAT0Imperial LiteratureGL
LAT281Latin Lab III1LAT0Latin Lab III
LAT282Latin Lab IV1LAT0Latin Lab IV
MAT141Mathematical Concepts I3MAT0Mathematical Concepts I
MAT142Mathematical Concepts II3MAT0Mathematical Concepts II
MAT143Quantitative Literacy3MAT000Quantitative LiteracyGMT
MAT152Statistical Methods I4STA108Elem Intro Probability & StatisticsGMT
MAT167Discrete Mathematics3MAT0Discrete Mathematics
MAT171Precalculus Algebra3MAT150Precalculus IGMT
MAT172Precalculus Trigonometry3MAT151Precalculus IIGMT
MAT252Statistics II3STA0Statistics II
MAT263Brief Calculus3MAT120Calculus for Business and the Social SciencesGMT
MAT271Calculus I4MAT191Calculus IGMT
MAT272Calculus II4MAT292Calculus II
MAT273Calculus III4MAT394Calculus IV
MAT280Linear Algebra3MAT0Linear Algebra
MAT285Differential Equations3MAT390Ordinary Differential Equations
MUSAll Music Performance courses will be evaluated by the UNCG department of Music Performance.
MUS110Music Appreciation3MUS241Music AppreciationGFAGLGL
MUS111Fundamentals of Music3MUS0Fundamentals of Music
MUS112Introduction to Jazz3MUS214Jazz AppreciationGFA
MUS113American Music3MUS0American MusicGFA
MUS114Non-Western Music3MUS343Music Cultures of the WorldGPRGN
MUS121Music Theory I4MUS0Music Theory I
MUS122Music Theory II4MUS0Music Theory II
MUS123Music Composition1MUS0Music Composition
MUS131Chorus I1MUS0Chorus I
MUS132Chorus II1MUS0Chorus II
MUS133Band I1MUS0Band I
MUS134Band II1MUS0Band II
MUS135Jazz Ensemble I1MUS0Jazz Ensemble I
MUS136Jazz Ensemble II1MUS0Jazz Ensemble II
MUS137Orchestra I1MUS0Orchestra I
MUS138Orchestra II1MUS0Orchestra II
MUS141Ensemble I1MUS0Ensemble I
MUS142Ensemble II1MUS0Ensemble II
MUS151Class Music I1MUS0Class Music I
MUS152Class Music II1MUS0Class Music II
MUS161Applied Music I1MUS0Applied Music I
MUS162Applied Music II1MUS0Applied Music II
MUS173Opera Production I3MUS0Opera Production I
MUS174Opera Production II3MUS0Opera Production II
MUS181Show Choir I4MUS0Show Choir I
MUS182Show Choir II4MUS0Show Choir II
MUS210History of Rock Music3MUS329History of Rock MusicGFA
MUS211History of Country Music3MUS0History of Country Music
MUS212American Musical Theatre3THR305Development of American Musical Theatre
MUS213Opera & Musical Theatre3THR0Opera & Musical TheatreGFA
MUS214Electronic Music I2MUS0Electronic Music I
MUS215Electronic Music II2MUS0Electronic Music II
MUS217Elementary Conducting2MUS0Elementary Conducting
MUS221Music Theory III4MUS0Music Theory III
MUS222Music Theory IV4MUS0Music Theory IV
MUS231Chorus III1MUS0Chorus III
MUS232Chorus IV1MUS0Chorus IV
MUS234Band IV1MUS0Band IV
MUS235Jazz Ensemble III1MUS0Jazz Ensemble III
MUS236Jazz Ensemble IV1MUS0Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS237Orchestra III1MUS0Orchestra III
MUS238Orchestra IV1MUS0Orchestra IV
MUS241Ensemble III1MUS0Ensemble III
MUS242Ensemble IV1MUS0Ensemble IV
MUS251Class Music III1MUS0Class Music III
MUS252Class Music IV1MUS0Class Music IV
MUS253Big Band1MUS0Big Band
MUS261Applied Music III1MUS0Applied Music III
MUS262Applied Music IV1MUS0Applied Music IV
MUS263Jazz Improvisation I1MUS0Jazz Improvisation I
MUS264Jazz Improvisation II1MUS0Jazz Improvisation II
MUS265Piano Pedagogy1MUS0Piano Pedagogy
MUS271Music History I3MUS0Music History I
MUS272Music History II3MUS0Music History II
MUS273Opera Production III3MUS0Opera Production III
MUS274Opera Production IV3MUS0Opera Production IV
MUS280Music for the Elementary Classroom3MUS0Music for the Elementary Classroom
MUS281Show Choir III4MUS0Show Choir III
MUS282Show Choir IV4MUS0Show Choir IV
MUS283Varied Cultures/Music Performance2MUS0Varied Cultures/Music Performance
PEDAll one-hour PED activity courses are transferable.
PED110Fit and Well for Life2KIN0Fit and Well for Life
PED165Sport Science as a Career3KIN250Intro to Kinesiology
PED172Outdoor Living2KIN0Outdoor Living
PED254Coaching Basketball2KIN0Coaching Basketball
PED255Coaching Football2KIN0Coaching Football
PED256Coaching Baseball2KIN0Coaching Baseball
PED259Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries2KIN390Prevention & Emergency Care of Injuries I
PHI210History of Philosophy3PHI0History of PhilosophyGPRGL
PHI215Philosophical Issues3PHI111Intro to PhilosophyGPR
PHI220Western Philosophy I3PHI251Hist of Ancient PhilosophyGHPGPMGL
PHI230Introduction to Logic3PHI310Intro to Formal LogicGRD
PHI240Introduction to Ethics3PHI119Introduction to EthicsGPR
PHS110Survey of Physical Science4PHY0Survey of Physical Science
PHS130Earth Science4GEO103Intro to Earth ScienceGNSGPS
PHY110Conceptual Physics3PHY205Conceptual PhysicsGNSGPS
PHY110AConceptual Physics Lab1PHY205LConceptual Physics LabGNSGPSL
PHY151College Physics I4PHY211General Physics IGNSGPSL
PHY152College Physics II4PHY212General Physics IIGNSGPSL
PHY251General Physics I4PHY291General Physics I with CalculusGNSGPSL
PHY252General Physics II4PHY292General Physics II with CalculusGNSGPSL
POL110Intro Political Science3PSC105Exploring Political IssuesGPR
POL120American Government3PSC100American PoliticsGSB
POL130State & Local Government3PSC322American State Politics
POL210Comparative Government3PSC260Intro to Comparative PoliticsGSBGL
POL220International Relations3PSC240The International SystemGSBGL
POL250Intro to Political Theory3PSC270Intro to Political TheoryGPR
POR111Elementary Portuguese I3POR101Beginning Portuguese IGL
POR112Elementary Portuguese II3POR102Beginning Portuguese IIGL
POR141Culture & Civilization3POR0Culture & Civilization
POR181Portuguese Lab I1POR0Portuguese Lab I
POR182Portuguese Lab II1POR0Portuguese Lab II
POR211Intermediate Portuguese I3POR203Intermediate Portuguese IGFLGL
POR212Intermediate Portuguese II3POR204Intermediate Portuguese IIGFLGL
POR221Portuguese Conversation3POR0Portuguese Conversation
POR231Reading & Composition3POR0Reading & Composition
POR281Portuguese Lab III1POR0Portuguese Lab III
POR282Portuguese Lab IV1POR0Portuguese Lab IV
PSY150General Psychology3PSY121General PsychologyGSB
PSY211Psychology of Adjustment3PSY0Psychology of Adjustment
PSY215Positive Psychology3PSY0Positive Psychology
PSY231Forensic Psychology3PSY0Forensic Psychology
PSY237Social Psychology3PSY260Psychological Perspectives on Social PsychologyGSB
PSY239Psychology of Personality3PSY265Theories of Personality
PSY241Developmental Psychology3PSY250Developmental PsychologyGSB
PSY243Child Psychology3PSY250Developmental PsychologyGSB
PSY246Adolescent Psychology3PSY0Adolescent Psychology
PSY249Psychology of Aging3PSY0Psychology of Aging
PSY259Human Sexuality3PSY0Human Sexuality
PSY263Educational Psychology3PSY0Educational Psychology
PSY271Sports Psychology3PSY0Sports Psychology
PSY275Health Psychology3PSY0Health Psychology
PSY281Abnormal Psychology3PSY275Intro to Clinical Psychology
REL110World Religions3REL101Intro to Religious StudiesGPR
REL111Eastern Religions3REL111Non-Western ReligionGPR
REL112Western Religions3REL101Intro to Religious StudiesGPR
REL211Intro to Old Testament3REL202Hebrew BibleGHPGPM
REL212Intro to New Testament3REL204New Testament & Origins of ChristianityGHPGPMGL
REL221Religion in America3REL231Religion in AmericaGHPGMO
RUS111Elementary Russian I3RUS101Elementary Russian IGN
RUS112Elementary Russian II3RUS102Elementary Russian IIGN
RUS181Russian Lab 11RUS0Russian Lab 1
RUS182Russian Lab 21RUS0Russian Lab 2
RUS211Intermediate Russian I3RUS203Intermediate Russian IGFLGN
RUS212Intermediate Russian II3RUS204Intermediate Russian IIGFLGN
RUS221Russian Conversation3RUS0Russian ConversationGN
RUS231Reading & Composition3RUS0Reading & Composition
RUS281Russian Lab 31RUS0Russian Lab III
RUS282Russian Lab 41RUS0Russian Lab 4
SOC210Intro to Sociology3SOC101Intro to SociologyGSB
SOC213Sociology of the Family3SOC335Marriage & the Family
SOC215Group Processes3SOC0Group Processes
SOC220Social Problems3SOC201Social Problems
SOC225Social Diversity3SOC327Race & Ethnic RelationsGSB
SOC230Race & Ethnic Relations3SOC327Race & Ethnic RelationsGSB
SOC232Social Context of Aging3SOC0Social Context of Aging
SOC234Sociology of Gender3SOC0Sociology of Gender
SOC240Social Psychology3SOC0Social Psychology
SOC242Sociology of Deviance3SOC222Sociology of Deviant BehaviorGSB
SOC244Soc of Death & Dying3SOC0Sociology of Death & Dying
SOC245Drugs and Society3SOC0Drugs and Society
SOC250Soc of Religion3SOC0Sociology of Religion
SOC254Rural & Urban Sociology3SOC0Rural & Urban Sociology
SPA111Elementary Spanish I3SPA101Beginning Spanish IGL
SPA112Elementary Spanish II3SPA102Beginning Spanish IIGL
SPA141Culture & Civilization3SPA0Culture & Civilization
SPA161Cultural Immersion3SPA0Cultural Immersion
SPA181Spanish Lab 11SPA0Spanish Lab 1
SPA182Spanish Lab 21SPA0Spanish Lab 2
SPA211Intermediate Spanish I3SPA203Intermediate Spanish IGFLGL
SPA212Intermediate Spanish II3SPA204Intermediate Spanish IIGFLGL
SPA221Spanish Conversation3SPA0Spanish ConversationGL
SPA231Reading & Composition3SPA0Reading & CompositionGL
SPA281Spanish Lab 31SPA0Spanish Lab 3
SPA282Spanish Lab 41SPA0Spanish Lab 4