When is the schedule of courses for the next semester published?

Course schedules for the academic year are available on the Web in mid-March before the year begins in August.

Always check the Course Search feature on the Web for the most current course information, including closed courses, canceled sections, room, building, time, and day changes.

How can I get instructions or assistance with registering?

Complete registration instructions are available online detailing step-by-step the entire registration process. If you still need assistance with registering, stop by Registration Services, 180 Mossman Building, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., M–F, 336/334-5946.

What should I do if I’ve been canceled from my classes?

If you have been canceled for nonpayment of your bill, you can reregister yourself via UNCGenie through the first week of class.  After the first week of class, you must contact the University Registrar’s Office in order to register.

If you have been canceled for failure to provide required immunization records to the Student Health Service, you must first contact that office (336/334-4086) and complete the immunization process before you can be reinstated in your courses.

I need to drop all my courses for this semester. Can I do this on the Web? Will I still receive registration information for the next semester?

Yes, you can drop all courses on the Web. Check with the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office to see if you are eligible for any refunds or see the UNCG Refund Policy.

A student who drops all of his or her courses is considered withdrawn from the University and must apply for reactivation or readmission. Unless you apply for reactivation or readmission, you will not receive any registration information for subsequent semesters.

How do I find out when I can register for next semester?

For spring semester and summer session, continuing students are sent registration information via e-mail in early October. Registration for spring semester classes usually takes place during the month of November.

For fall semester, continuing students are sent registration information via e-mail in mid-March. Registration for fall and/or summer classes takes place in April.

New students are given registration information at SOAR Orientation sessions or prior to the beginning of each semester.

Check your iSpartan mail for registration announcements. Check the Academic Calendars for exact dates. Call the University Registrar’s Office at 336/334-5946 if you have concerns.

How can I register for a closed course?

To register for a closed course, you can contact the course instructor for approval and an online override.  Then, you can register through UNCGenie. Another option would be to obtain written permission from the course instructor or the department on an official Drop/Add form and have that form processed in the University Registrar’s Office, 180 Mossman Building.

I’ve decided not to continue with one of the classes that I registered for. Will I be automatically dropped from this course?

No. Many students make this mistake and discover at the end of the semester that they have made an F in the course. Always drop any course you have decided not to take or which you are no longer attending. You will not be automatically dropped from such courses by the instructor or by the system.

How do I register for variable credit courses?

Instructions for registering for variable credit courses can be found online on page 4 of registration instructions. If you need further assistance with registering, stop by Registration Services, 180 Mossman Building, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., M–F, 336/334-5946.