NEW! Schedule Hero for Advisors

Schedule Hero is UNCG’s new tool that helps students and advisors generate schedules that take a student’s academic progress and life balance into consideration. Advisors can work with students to automatically generate schedules that meet both of these needs.

By default, UNCG faculty and staff are able to login and search for classes and generate and plan custom course schedules.

Training Materials and Administrative Dashboard Access

Degree Evaluations in Degree Works

The University Registrar’s Office maintains Degree Works, the degree audit software that helps undergraduate students and advisors stay on track for success. Degree Works for advisors:

  • Supports real-time delivery of academic advice through intuitive web interfaces
  • Minimizes errors through consistent degree plans
  • Supports more timely degree certification
  • Reduces paperwork and manual program check sheets
  • Supports and monitors unique program changes
What -if- Analysis

A What-if Analysis allows students to explore degree requirements for a different major, concentration, or minor to see how their coursework would be applied to the new program. What-if analyses will show what coursework is required for the new major, minor, or concentration, what requirements have already been satisfied, and what requirements are still outstanding.

Performing a what-if analysis can help students make an informed decision about whether changing their major/minor/concentration is the best choice, but performing a what-if analysis does not change a students’ major. Students who wish to change their major should be directed to Spartan Central for more information.

Click to learn more about using Degree Works in the advising process


Departmental Request for Curriculum Modification

Substitutions for related area requirements that also carry General Education credit must be reviewed by the University Registrar’s Office to determine if the substitution fulfills General Education requirements by submitting a departmental request for student curriculum modification form.

For more detailed information see the Provisional Course Substitution policy.

MAC Administrative Review

This form is intended for undergraduate students who would like to request an expedited administrative review of their general education credit because their admission status and/or program change requires a move to the 2021-2022 UNCG Catalog or later.

MAC Administrative Review Requests are evaluated by a committee that includes representatives from the General Education Council, Office of Undergraduate Studies, and the UNCG Advising Council to determine any appropriate substitutions or exceptions resulting from transitioning from the General Education Curriculum (GEC) to Minerva’s Academic Curriculum (MAC) program. All decisions are final and will not be reconsidered.

Advisor Appeal for General Education Credit

This form is intended for advisors who are requesting one of the following on behalf of an admitted or enrolled student:

  • Review of a transfer course, that does not have a direct UNCG equivalent, to fulfill a specific general education requirement.
  • A substitution of a UNCG course in order to fulfill a general education requirement.
  • A substitution of a transfer course to fulfill a specific general education requirement.

All Advisor Appeals for General Education Credit are evaluated by faculty representatives from the General Education Council. All decisions are final.

Change of Catalog Year

A student may change a catalog year without a change of program or minor only to a more recent catalog. If the curriculum for their program has been revised, it may be advantageous to update the catalog year. The student may request this change formally through their department.

More Advising Resources

Transfer Credit Information

Determining how transfer credits will apply is the scope of the Transfer Articulation team in the University Registrar’s Office. For more information on how an advisee’s credits may transfers into UNCG see the transfer equivalency tables in the Transfer Credit Planner or supplemental information on Spartan Central. Email with questions.

Viewing an Advisee’s Registration Windows & Timeline

You can access a table of registration windows and a list of important drop/add dates for continuing students and registration for new students by clicking here.

Viewing an Advisee’s Transcript

Follow these step-by-step instructions for viewing an Advisee’s Unofficial Transcript:

  • Log in to UNCGenie.
  • Click Enter Secure Area
  • Log in using your UNCG Credentials
  • Click on Faculty & Advisors
  • Click Advisors > Student Academic Transcript
  • Select the Current Term
  • Select an advisee from the dropdown menu.
  • Confirm the selection
  • Click Submit
  • Next, request the transcript level and transcript type from the dropdown menus.
  • Click Display Transcript.

For more detailed instructions click here.

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