Classroom Assignment Process

The University Registrar’s Office utilizes Ad Astra Information Systems software to schedule classroom assignments based on maximum course enrollment. Factors included in the room optimization process are classroom capacity, back-to-back instructor assignments, and optimum campus location/region.

URO Scheduling Regions:


1. Coleman Building (COLE)10. Eberhart Building (EBER)
2. Jackson Library (LIBR)11. Brown Building (BRWN)
3. Bryan Building (BRYN)12. Foust Building (FOUS)
4. School of Education (SOEB)13. Curry Building (CURY)
5. Moore Humanities & Research Administration (MHRA)14. Ferguson Building (FERG)
6. Petty Science Building (PETT)15. Gatewood Studio Arts Center (STAC)
7. Moore Building (NMOR School of Nursing)16. Graham Building (GRAM)
8. Sullivan Science Building (SULV)17. Weatherspoon Art Museum (ABCB)
9. Stone Building (STON)