In accordance with Faculty Senate action, all course syllabi must include specific final exam information. Faculty may not give an examination nor an assignment in lieu of an exam on Reading Day. During the ten calendar days preceding Reading Day, no hourly tests may be given unless announced during the first month of the semester.
Classes that meet outside of the standard meeting time structure may experience difficulty scheduling final exams, and reserving classrooms for those exams.   If you have any questions about the examination period for a course meeting time not listed, please contact the University Registrar’s Office at 334-3728 or via e-mail at
Link to Final Exam Schedules:
Changing Examination Times

Change by Faculty – Faculty members may change the examination time posted in the examination schedule provided that the unanimous consent of the students affected by the change is secured and that the new time falls within the final examination period. A new room assignment for the rescheduled exam must be secured from the Registrar’s Office.

Change by Student – Students may change their examination schedule only under the following circumstances:
1.  Conflict in Exam Times – If a student has two examinations scheduled at the same time, this conflict must be corroborated in writing by the University Registrar’s Office, and another time must be negotiated by the student and the faculty member concerned.
2.  Crowding – In the event that a student has more than two examinations scheduled within a 24-hour period, the student must apply to the University Registrar’s Office for permission to change their exam schedule.  (The usual course of action is to change the middle examination).  If mutually agreeable, the student and the faculty member concerned may negotiate an acceptable time for the exam to be given.
3.  Other Circumstances – When a student is ill, has a death in the family, is practicing a religious observance, or when other circumstances occur that are beyond the student’s control, the student and the faculty member negotiate a new examination time.

In all cases, a rescheduled examination must be taken by the end of the scheduled examination period for the University.