Argos at UNCG

Argos is currently used at UNCG for:

  • Student Accounts
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Data (with approval from University Registrar’s Office)

All Argos reports are written directly from Banner data and provide real-time information. Obtaining access to use Argos is a two-step process and will first need to enroll and complete the Argos User Training.

Once logged in to Argos, the Misaligned Meeting Patterns and 35% Meeting Pattern Distribution Guideline reports are located in the Academic Administration folder. You must be logged into Secure Desktop to access Argos, Click here for more instructions.

Reports available in Argos

35% Meeting Pattern Distribution Guidelines (Prime Time vs. Non-Prime Time
  • The purpose of this report is to provide departments with the necessary data to track compliance of the 35% meeting pattern distribution guidelines.  For each academic course schedule, a minimum of 35% should be offered during non-prime time hours.
  • Definitions:
    • Prime time: classes that have start times of 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
    • Non-prime time: early morning classes with a start time prior to 9 a.m. and afternoon classes with starting times after 2:00 p.m.
Misaligned Meeting Patterns

The purpose of this report is to provide departments with information regarding their scheduled meeting patterns.  Unless prior approval has been granted, all scheduled meeting patterns should follow the approved meeting patterns established by the university.

For more detailed documentation click here.

Login to Argos using Secure Desktop or AnyConnect VPN